Merry (early) Christmas!


Due to time, money, and distance, the Doman family had an early celebration this year. We made sure to double up in quantity of food and presents to hold us through until the actual 25th.


I got the most amazing present from my Secret Santa yesterday, but am planning on dedicating a blog post to it in the near future, so all you eager readers will have to wait for the big surprise!

We unwrapped and ate everything in the house yesterday, so today we had to get out to take a picture with Santa.


All this very stressful vacationing has left us all so exhausted we also had to relax with manicures.


I couldn’t decide on gold or silver so decided to get BOTH, on alternating fingers. YOLO.


Other than that, Anthony and I did manage to go for a brisk jog around town yesterday afternoon. We ran super fast because we were so excited about coming back home to eat Christmas dinner. I look like death in this picture but it’s only a frosty holiday glow.


And THAT’s how you know your vacation was a success. I’m sad to leave home, but at least I have a suitcase full of presents! 🙂






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