queen loser

Went for a run in my old ‘hood. Compared to DC, these suburban streets are so quiet it’s almost eery. No horns, no shouting, no ambulance  no nothing. I felt like my footfalls were so loud!


But other than those silent 5 miles, it’s been pretty noisy around here — in a good way. Yesterday the ladies had some quality home party time while the men went golfing…


Anthony’s golf outfit is allllllmost as cute as my nephew.


When everyone was united again we got out the smorgasboard that was supper:


I have been deemed Queen of Salads in the Doman family, and it’s not a title I take lightly.


Have you ever tried a Hanky Panky? Apparently my family used to eat them all the time back in the day, but I can’t really remember consuming them. After 20-some years, Momma Doman brought the recipe back and everyone went nuts. They taste like mini cheeseburgers = heaven.

DSC02296My mom zooms around the kitchen so fast you can barely catch her.

We needed to fuel up for The Big Game. We played many hours of poker.  Out of 65 hands, I won zero. ZERO. DSC02305I wish I could say it was all fun and games, but as you might recall from Thanksgiving, my family doesn’t just play games to play games. Look at that cash.DSC02310Even though I lost all my money, it was still a good time. Luckily there are presents under the tree that will be open in moments — I think my luck is about to change!




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