It’s sad to see all the leaves go, but it’s sort of neat to see how spindle-ly the trees are underneath it all. This tree (which you can spot in Rose Park, near Georgetown), is one of my favorites in the city.

DSC02255Some runs are high-energy, some are painful, some are boring, some are entertaining… today’s I would classify as “peaceful.” It was cool and quiet out and I listened to John Mayer the whole time. Maybe it’s the reintroduction of yoga into my life or just the holiday season, but I am just feeling very content.


Also I got a full eight hours of sleep last night which is a miracle. I’m usually more in the 6-7 range, but Anthony and I met up for an earlier dinner near our offices, and then only had to wait 3 minutes to catch the bus toward our apartments! I feel like a gambling addict experiencing big wins when I’m able to hit the high point of public transportation.

I had to write about a crab catering service at work yesterday which left me really wanting seafood. We decided to try out Tsunami, a sushi bar which opened recently in the U Street area. DSC02244

Unfortunately we were too late to catch happy hour (which ended at 7), but decided to snag some refreshments anyways. Anthony ordered warm sake, which I’d never tried before. It was sort of good, but I don’t know if I’m a sake person. I played it safe with a beer because it was Tuesday and I was feeling like I deserved it, somehow?


I’ve cross-processed and boosted all of these photos in hope the artistic effects will make you not realize how blurry and dark they are, sorry.

Anyways, we were pleasantly surprised by Tsunami. For a spot with neon lights and picture menus, it’s actually pretty good. The seaweed salad was good — all seaweed, and no lettuce. The miso soup was the best thing we ordered; it came out piping hot, full of seaweed, tofu, and flavor.


The sushi was good, pretty fresh. The last thing we ordered — salmon teriyaki — was okay, but decent. Vegetables were a little soggy but the salmon itself was tasty. The staff was really friendly and we got a table, no problem. I’d go again, but it’s not on my lists of places to go next week or anything.


Going out on a weeknight always helps keep things exciting. Anthony and I have both been struggling this week because we have vacation on the brain! Only two days until we’re off to Tennessee!

  • Favorite sushi roll?
  • Did you run today?
  • Sake: warm, cold, or none at all?

Tsunami on UrbanSpoon: ”Tsunami



  1. Alanna

    I’m not too big of a fan of the rolls, but growing up I only ate kapa maki with cucumbers in it which pretty much translates to “fake roll”.
    I woke up for a run but decided it was cold outside of my room so I folded laundry and cleaned my room instead! Felt like a productive mary kind of morning to me. SAKKKKE!

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