time, space, and money

One of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken:DSC02233Last night Anthony and I met up after work for a stroll toward our apartments. We both work about 2 miles from where we live, so it was a nice “commute” home with company. We both desperately needed to spice up a dull Monday!

A few months ago this boutique-y food store opened near Anthony’s place — Smucker Farms of Lancaster Co. The place is stocked with jams, spreads, some cheeses and meats, pastas, and other edibles. Most things are hand-wrapped in some sort of biodegradable triple-recycled brown paper, or poured into a custom glass-blown jar, and cost about $20 per ounce. For example, you can pick up a jar of maple syrup for $30. (Hence, Anthony’s expression!)


I’m all about quality, but we’ve got to draw the line somewhere! I mean, who has $30 to spend on maple syrup? If you are reading this and actually shop at this store, email me so I can be your (mooching) friend.

I’m curious to see how long Smucker Farms lasts. Places tend to pop up and close down pretty quickly in DC — space means money, and you have to bring in a lot to survive. As of 2011, the average rent in DC is $1,790 per month, which is more than double the national average.

Since I don’t have high-end pancakes to eat this morning, I opted for a luxurious bowl of cereal. I’m a fan of mixing cereals (and all foods, actually). This bowl features PEANUT BUTTER Cheerios and Cinnamon Apple Life. PEANUT BUTTER has to be in all caps because, well, we love it the most.

Yes, a cheery life. With peanut butter. Doesn’t get better than that.DSC02243

Enough rambling and onto the weather report! Cooler than yesterday by about 5 degrees, with a nasty, drizzle-filled wind. Heading outdoors for a morning run is invaluable when it comes to planning my work wardrobe for the day. I’ve always got a heads-up on humidity, wind chill, and more — and can share it with everyone on this blog, so that you know what to wear, too. And believe it or not, I actually don’t get paid to write this. I know. Incredible.


I actually didn’t go for a run, though — I headed right to Stroga!


After an hour of sun salutations, the sun is still being shy. Let’s hope tomorrow isn’t so glum!

  • Do you mix cereals?
  • Most expensive pantry item you’ll splurge on?
  • Is rent ridiculously high where you live?

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