The cars are flying, even in the early morning dark. Because it’s Monday and people have to be places again.


I think the Earth is sad that the weekend is over, too. Mother Nature was so groggy that she put a thick coat of fog over DC this morning. The National Monument is 555 feet and 5 inches tall, but today it is looking quite stumpy.


Since the sun never did come out during my earlier-than-usual stroll, I’ll cheer everyone up with flowers, cookies, and coffee!


Despite the gloomy forecast, I’m feeling great. Yesterday I achieved everything one would want in a Sunday: lazy brunch, movie-watching, a home-cooked meal, and bedtime before 10. I was out of my pajamas around 10 a.m. and back into them by 4 p.m.

For brunch, my roommates and I headed to Southern Hospitality. My favorite local bar’s yogurt parfait is pretty good…


But sadly, I have to confess that it really doesn’t compare to Matchbox‘s yogurt parfait. (Recap photo for comparison):


Not only is Matcbox’s prettier, but it’s also more delicious and costs $1.00 less. In a few months I’ll have to do a roundup review of all the yogurt parfaits in the city. Watch out brunch spots, I am coming after you and your yogurts.

Anyways, back to Sunday, Anthony and I did hit the gym for a few minutes in an attempt to sweat out all the partying from Saturday.2012-12-09

I invented a CrossFit torture routine and it goes like this: (Warm up) 10 junkyard dogs, both over and under and over-arms. (Strength) 10 pushups, 3 handstand pushup attempts, x5. (WOD) jumping jacks, sumo high pulls, situps, lunge walks, bicycle crunches: 4 sets, doing 40 of each on the first set, 30 of each on the second, then 20, then 10. Plus you have to do 5 burpees after each set. At the end you pretty much feel like Gumby.gumby

Then Lazy Sunday resumed as usual. We popped up some corn and watched It’s a Wonderful Life. Anthony had never seen this movie so we had to watch it! So funny to imagine living back in the 40s. I would wear gloves and hats and probably be married with four kids by now.


No moonbeams shooting out of my toes yet, so I guess that means I have to bike to work like a normal person this morning. Have a good one!

  • Favorite Christmas movie?
  • Go-to brunch order?
  • Have you ever tried CrossFit?

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