ten + tinsel

Phew! What an exciting, exhausting weekend it’s been so far. Still recovering from:


Our holiday party was a huge hit. Lots of sparkles, spirits, and smashing good times.

Recently UpdatedPer our recommendations, guests showed up looking fancy. Anthony scores 5 extra points for sporting a silver tie!DSC02210

And Sam scores points for Best Dancer.


We even had an official lighting of the menorah with Hebrew verses!


Plus a ton of food and champagne. Perfect conditions for fun.

In addition to an excellent party yesterday, I checked off an excellent run. I met up with the DC Road Runners for ten miles, and it felt wonderful. No pain in my hip at all! Hoorah, recovery!


I eventually caught up to those two guys and we had a really nice chat about families, Christmas traditions, and our favorite types of energy gels, naturally. Even though it was glum (and really foggy, as you can tell by the photo below), I loved, loved, loved this run. Just the best start to the day, you know? Plus we went over Chain Bridge, which I am convinced is the prettiest bridge in all of DC.


I guess I was too busy chatting to take any other photos but I did remember to whip out the camera for this lovely chair and table set, with complimentary wooden thing. Available on Euclid and 17th St. NW, people!


And now, it’s Sunday. We just bleached the entire apartment and now are pondering what to do with all the toffee bark, tortilla chips, and booze we have left over. Holiday Fun Part II coming up? Have a restful day!



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