Looks like breakfast…


But it’s not. Breakfast for dinner?! I do it allllll the time. Especially at the end of the week when grocery stocks are limited random vegetables that would otherwise go bad unless pan-fried up and cleverly disguised within the cheesy goodness of an omelette.

In addition to partaking in this luxurious dining experience last night, I got to go on a seasonal run with Catherine! We met up for an easy 5-mile loop featuring the National Christmas Tree. Last night was the official “lighting,” so the Mall was packed with spectators + usual rush hour traffic. I’m convinced we arrived at the tree faster, by foot, than we would have by car, given all the madness and road closures. Running is so efficient, in so many ways!


Good thing we saved a little room to show our faces between all those bundles of running clothes. It’s cold out, people.


Also, I am terrible at picking good photographers. I always seem to ask people to take photos and it’s like they’ve never touched a camera in their life. This woman last night was extremely pleasant, but almost dropped my camera and then kept hitting the wrong button before she finally snapped a shot, complete with part of her thumb in the frame. At least she got the tree and part of my awesome black-and-pink 80s-inspired running leggings, though! Anyone have tips on randomly selecting a stranger-photographer?

It was an excellent jog, but reflecting on the experience I think Catherine and I should have run backwards. Why? Well it looks like it would have been a better workout had we done it in reverse. This article, which came out in the New York Times yesterday, examines the sport of backwards running. Fantastic!

Basically it says that running backwards can be good for you because: It requires more energy (so, a harder workout than forwards running!), and appears to be lower-impact than forwards running. It could be especially beneficial for people with knee problems (because it is low-impact) and seniors and people with Parkinson’s (because it improves balance).


“Active female college students who replaced their exercise with jogging backward for 15 to 45 minutes three times a week for six weeks lost almost 2.5 percent of their body fat.” (I would also assume that these girls lost more than 2.5 percent of their friends, too?)

But really, this sounds fantastic! Running backwards seems to be so much better for me than running forwards, right?

BUT, of course, there’s a catch.

 “It has drawbacks, Cavagna says — chiefly that you can’t see where you’re going.”

Oh. I guess I’ll keep moving forward, then, until modern technology can insert eyeballs in the back of my head.

Back to girl time! Anthony has been in Ethiopia all week so I’ve been gabbing girltalk with the ladies nonstop. Yesterday I met up with Melanie for a little bit of coffe + catch-up.


I highly recommend fitting in morning dates before work if you’re a capable human being in the early hours. Such a great start to the day!


I didn’t realize how much I did yesterday until I just wrote this! No wonder I’m enjoying this rest day so much.

And for all of you reading this while walking backwards: !!! YADIRF YPPAH

  • Favorite Starbucks drink?
  • Tree lights: colored or white?
  • Have you ever seriously run backwards?


  1. Alanna

    Such a wacky meal. I usually ask people around our age to take a photo, what person in their mid 20’s can’t operate a smartphone or camera? You should find a backwards running buddy, and have one person run forwards while the other runs behind them, backwards. Let’s do this tomorrow before the party, ok?

  2. My college coach’s wife would always go up stairs and hills {on warmups etc} backward. We just thought she was weird, but maybe she had something right 😉

  3. I run backwards in my running workouts. Not much, but if we are doing hill repeats we will run one of the series of hills backwards. It works totally different muscles and then makes running downhill so much easier. I think it works those downhill muscles more than running downhill does. Definitely need eyes on the back of your head though.
    (And thanks for linking to the article!)

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