Who says you can’t party on a school night?  Pizza party, that is.

Well, pizza, salad, and soup. A diverse-but-delicious gathering of the Friday girls went seamlessly last night, as usual!


I was the salad-maker, Secret-Santa coordinator, and photographer — but Miriam stole the show as the pizza-orderer, host, and Bob Marley-attired diva.



I’d tell you what we talked about but it is 100% girls-only secret, sorry! Yes you can still keep BFF-only secrets at 25 years of age.


Speaking of pizza, have you heard of The Pizza Diet?

Anthony and I went to New York about a year ago (ah! time flies!), went on a pizza tour of Brooklyn, and met this guy:pizza dietHe joined our tour to promote his “Pizza Diet.” As the name suggests, the diet consists of pizza. He eats 8 slices of “pizza” a day. I put pizza in parenthesis because, from what I can tell, it’s not ooey-gooey-greasy pizza, but more like whole-wheat thin crust, low-fat-cheese and plentiful-veggie pizza. But still, he lost 20-some pounds in 30 days on this “diet”! He also exercised for an hour a day, and says he drank some soda and beer too.

I wonder if he pats his pizza with a napkin before he eats it? I always wondered if this habit actually made your slice any healthier… and this article says that by doing so, you can remove 1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon of grease, actually shaving roughly 50 calories off your slice. Who knew?

Following suit, I managed to get my pizza in last night and am pumped to eat it again tomorrow. Pizza is like my favorite food ever, the end.

  • Favorite pizza topping?
  • Thoughts on the pizza diet?
  • Thin crust or thick crust?




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