Cloudy skies, don’t get me down.


Despite the drizzly darkness, I made it out for a very short jog before I headed to Stroga.


I’ve registered for yoga for the past two days, but working late has led me to cancel both times! This morning I promised myself I’d get my session in at the crack of dawn since clearly I’m unreliable past 6 p.m.

I’m always hesitant to do morning yoga sessions because they’re usually really sleepy and boring, but I was pleasantly surprised that the instructor in this class was awake enough to give us a good stretch and strengthening. More points for Stroga!

Did anyone watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night? I didn’t catch it, but feel like I saw the whole thing thanks to plentiful aggressive media reviews. victoria_secret_fashion_show2012

What I like about the event: It celebrates women and promotes being really girly. (or just sexy?)

What I don’t like about the event: It tells women they need to be super skinny. (and tall.)

Apparently, the ideal VS model is 5’9, size 34’24’34. Looking back at a little Victoria’s Secret history, you can tell that times have definitely changed. 1979 to today:Screen shot 2012-12-05 at 8.15.53 AMThe models have always been thin, but if you look through older ads, they’ve got more curves than the models today do.

I don’t really know how to go on about this topic other than I think we need more positive media telling women it’s okay to be bigger, shorter, more muscular, or whatever it is you think is a “flaw.” If you watched the show last night and feel like you are ugly, I want to tell you you’re beautiful! Go buy yourself a $3 million diamond bra, girlfriend!

Okay, enough about that. Though I’m not a flawless image of beauty, I do try to keep healthy by eating vegetables! You can sneak them into a couscous mix and splash ’em with some salt and olive oil for something like this:


This little blend (couscous, chickpeas, broccoli, tomato, feta, chicken, and avocado) meets all of my best-lunch requirements: quick, healthy, and cheap. Ding ding ding.

Thanks for hanging with me through the rain, rants, and recipes. Have a good Wednesday!

  • Thoughts on the fashion show?
  • What are you having for lunch today?
  • Are you a fan of “sunrise yoga” ?

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