dc by foot

Morning! Let’s just start with pancakes.

While we were shopping on black Friday, I picked up an extra-large griddle for $10. Ten dollars. And now I have and excuse to make extra-large batches of pancakes every weekend. Most necessary kitchen accessory ever! How did I live without it?


I took today off in terms of running and did boring gym stuff instead. But I’ll happily relive yesterday’s gloomy, but still pleasant, jog. The big loop took me from Columbia Heights, through Georgetown, into Virginia, down to the National Mall, and back! It seems far, but it’s really not. Being a runner can make the city seem so small.


So near Teddy Roosevelt Island, someone has built a legitimate fort. I’ve been trying to peek and see if anyone actually lives there, and yesterday I spotted him! He has a beard and dark hair, and also has a full water tank. That’s pretty much all I saw before I bolted off. I’d like to ask this guy who he is and how he got to be a natural fort-thriver. I don’t think I could live in a stick fort off the highway, but I guess for some people it’s the way to be. Next time I’ll try to zoom in more so you can see stick man more clearly!


The reflecting pool is no longer covered in algae. Glad to see that the $34 million renovation paid off. Despite all the criticism of this massive renovation, I think it looks really nice.


I don’t have $34 million, but I wish I did so I could have bought everything in the store yesterday when my roommates and I went shopping. We have a holiday party coming up and the theme is…. SPARKLES. Which means we all had to buy new outfits, of course. First we checked out a new store in Woodley Park called Tangerine.


Tangerine had some cute stuff, but we didn’t find any winners. So we decided to go to an old standby for affordable, lovely fashion: Violet (in Adams Morgan). I don’t know why DC boutiques are named after colors (there’s also Turquoise just down the street!) — any ideas?

Daniela and I found some steals but Sam is still on the hunt! Six days till sparkle time.


And THEN we went to Target, which is in yet another part of town. All in all we covered about 3.5 miles plus all the meandering through aisles. Which got me thinking, how much of a workout is shopping? I was pooped by the end of our journey. This Livestrong article says that a 150-pound person burns about 160 calories per hour while shopping. Shape magazine (which is polluted with advertisements btw) claims you burn 100 calories by spending 30 minutes trying on clothes. I thought all this running was keeping me fit, but I just realized that after all these years, it’s because I’m a shopaholic.

See you in the sale aisle!

  • What’s your favorite kitchen accessory?
  • Do you hunt for sales or buy regular price?
  • What’s your workout of the day?




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