How happy are you that it’s Saturday? I can barely sit still. Actually, that’s a lie — I’ve been sitting in my pjs for nearly an hour now. Flannel is THE BEST.

Though I did manage to get a bit of yoga in this morning. Stroga has been treating me so well lately! If anyone can tell me what this Eastern symbol means I will mail you a package of your candy of choice.


It was a great class, though the instructor was a little wonky and played the flute for us at the end. After that I headed home and did some doctor-recommended stretching and strengthening.


As you have probably ready by now, I’ve been struggling with a hip injury for the past 10 weeks or so. It’s pretty much all better by now, but I saw a physical therapist on Wednesday to get it checked out for good.

And the answer is: my glutes! Gluteous Maximus. AKA, my butt. It’s weak. So weak, the doctor thinks, that it forces me to run and walk with my knees slightly inward, putting more pressure and weird, unnatural strains on the old hips. So now I have to do all of these butt exercises. Haha.

But really, on a serious note, I didn’t know the glutes were so important for runners! A 10-minute research study reveals about a billion articles on the subject. I especially liked this one from The Runner’s Resource, that explains why your glutes are important for running and what you can do to strengthen them. In short, your glutes help your hip extend. Hip extension helps you move forward and also helps you stabilize your body upon each footfall. If they’re weak, you run funny and slow. Lesson learned.

On a lighter note, yesterday was the end of the week which meant I biked at a wicked speed out of my office at 6:15 and made it all the way to Mt. Pleasant to meet Anthony at Tonic before happy hour ended at 7. Phew!

Don’t judge me for drinking cheap canned beer. Sometimes you just need the touch of PBR to the lips.

True love is when a man hands you his pickle spear without you even having to ask.


Did you know tater tots were invented by Ore Ida in the 50s, as a way to use up odd ends of french fries? As I discovered with Catherine, Tonic has the best tater tots in the universe. Anthony and I were oh-so-happy to unwind with this fried and salted goodness after a very tough week.

DSC02138And now, it’s time to trade flannel for real clothes and get the day going! Have a great weekend!

  • Tater tots or french fries?
  • What’s your favorite yoga pose?
  • What are you doing today?


  1. Over my running years, I have learned just how important strong glutes, hamstrings, and quads are in preventing injuries. My right hip use to give me soooo many problems. Now every Sunday I do strength training for my legs. One legged exercises are my favorite. Squats, dead lifts, leg presses – anything that can be done with just one leg. It helps you learn if one side is stronger than the other as well as improve balance. Lateral movements, like lunges, are also important for runners. We spend so much time moving forward, we tend to neglect certain muscle groups. Good luck with the recovery! Any races planned for 2013?

    And my favorite yoga pose is double pigeon – great for the hips!

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