weekend wonderment


I hope the glorious skies have a good one in store for us today. Fingers crossed that something magical happens to someone today. I pass a million people on my bike ride/walk/metro to work and often wonder if they’re having good days or not.

Clearly, someone’s bad day made my day this morning. Because I saw one of the most random things thus seen on minutes per mile: a zip-tie explosion. For those in DC, you can catch this sight on Columbia road in Adams Morgan.


I have a deep love for zip ties, actually, because: 1) my dad collects them (seriously) and 2) my entire bike basket and accessories are attached 100% with well-placed zip ties. Wow, I just Wikipedia’ed (yes, verb) “cable tie” to discover this phenomenal creation has been around since 1958. Since Wikipedia is the source of my life, I also donated some $$ to them. You should too!

Another random investigation I’ve been conducting of late is that of cinnamon. I eat cinnamon on the daily in oatmeal and on cinnamon-sugar toast.

So I wondered, what is this magical herb and how can I consume it in mass quantities? For the second half of this question, the answer was easily found during our heavenly trip to Costco the other day. Ten-point-seven ounces of ground Saigon cinnamon? Ain’t no thang, friends!DSC02137“But what is Saigon cinnamon?” I further questioned in the massive industrial aisle packed with undiscovered size XXXXXL goods. When I came home, I did some intense internet research:

Saigon cinnamon is from Vietnam and has the highest content of cinnamaldehyde of any other cinnamon! Cinnamaldehyde = organic compound. AKA flavor. So basically this is the strongest, yummiest cinnamon on the block, folks. When I opened it I could even smell the spicy-ness, if that makes sense. I’ve been dumping it in my oatmeal all week and it tastes wonderful. Just like normal cinnamon, but stronger.

Cinnamon appears to be good for you and may help lower blood sugar levels and aid in digestion, though, like a billion things in the world, there’s conflicting evidence. This Livestrong article seems to sum it up in a digestible (ha ha) way.

So much information for the weekend, right? I’m not going to think for the rest of the day, and neither should you.

  • Do you like cinnamon?
  • Last time you used a zip tie?
  • What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I love cinnamon. My bike accessories are also being progressively mounted by zip ties. This weekend I’m servicing my motorbike for the first time and attending a fundraising afternoon held by a man who has just run 50 marathons in 50 days to raise money for Young Care.

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