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Some people think that black is boring, but I think there’s plenty of color at night if you just look for it.When I was in high school and collage, I always enjoyed painting — and my masterpieces always ended up flooded with swirls of color. Anthony actually got me an art easel and paints last year for Christmas, which I love! Unfortunately between all of my extreme hobby-ing, freelance work, social life, and full-time job, there’s not much time to get my brushes out. One day they will return and I’ll paint night scenes that burst with color.

I also like to wear bright colors when I run, because… why not? I feel like running is one of few excuses to wear neon pink, sparkles, etc. But today I kept it neutral — and new!

Because I got a beautiful package from pv.body! I wrote a bit about this cool company while I was in Puerto Rico, and have really enjoyed sampling their products.

I was going to pursue modeling as a full-time career, but the camera just couldn’t handle the sweaty glory. Check out new top + bottoms, hoorah!

More about this nifty clothing connection company, and how it works: You pay $50 per month, and then receive a package of assorted fitness tops/bottoms valued at $150, every month. The goodies are sort of a surprise — but you do get to request certain sizes, colors, sport-specific gear. What I especially appreciate is that pv.body carries high-quality brands (think Nike, lululemon, etc.), so you’ll never get bad stuff that will shred or shrink.

In my (beautiful, hot pink bubble-wrapped) package I received some super-comfy NUX leggings and a long-sleeved top for 15love. I’d never heard of either of these brands, but the fit and feel of both are so beautiful; I’d definitely check out these brands in the future for more goods. The leggings are a treasure — unlike many running tights I’ve had before, they don’t sag in the waist or go baggy at the ankles. They were tight, but not tooo tight, and the seams didn’t irritate my skin. The top was also pretty good — extra points for the sleeves with thumb holes and the cute ventilation-like mesh things on the arms; minus a couple points for being a little short. I wish both of these items had small pockets for my keys, too, but for a grab-bag deal, I’m happy!

If you’re interested in joining, you can sign up through this link: and get 20% off your membership. Hoorah!

Though running gear is always fun and helps boost inspiration to get out there, I have to remember there are more important things in life like peace, love, and nonviolence. How fitting that I ran by this statue of Ghandi this morning.

Doesn’t he look so cool coming out of the black-blue clouds?!

In addition to my peace-seeking stroll this morning, I also got my Chakra in shape last night with another session at Stroga. I’m really liking this studio! If I didn’t thrive off yoga Livingsocial and Groupon deals maybe I would actually sign up for this studio. In addition to having great instructors, Stroga also has a beautiful space.

And just because all these pictures have been dark, here’s proof that daylight has finally hit Washington, DC.

Let the day begin!

  • Have you ever signed up for a surprise box/grab bag subscription?
  • What’s your favorite brand of workout gear?
  • Do you prefer night or day running?


  1. Mel

    Hey Mary! I was thinking of signing up for PV body. How long does the membership last/For how many months will I have to keep paying $50 fee? Does the 20% apply to only the first month? Thanks!!

    • Hi! Yeah, go for it!The membership is flexible, on a month-to-month basis. You can cancel or pause your membership whenever and restart as you like. If you sign up in November, you’ll pay $39 a month; after that, pv.body is raising its prices to $49 a month. No matter when you sign up, you’ll get 20% off your first month and pay regular price after that. No, you don’t know what clothes you’ll get — but you can tell them what size, type of clothes (yoga, running, gym, etc), colors, and styles you like and they’ll tweak your order to those preferences. Hope it works out!

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