the sun and the shops

Due to the short days of early winter, I haven’t left my office early enough to catch a sunset. But luckily, I’m out and about for the sunrise.

Anthony and I flew into Reagan airport, right over the Potomac river last night on our way in from Nashville, and I ran over it again this morning just for good measure!

Did you know that Reagan airport is one of the most difficult airports for pilots? In addition to its epic traffic, it’s challenging to land and takeoff from Reagan, for two reasons: 1) security measures mean pilots are limited to certain routes and altitudes (to avoid flying over or too close to the White House or monuments) and 2) the airport is right on the Potomac river, making runway expansion pretty much impossible. Luckily our plane cruised right onto solid ground. I was so nervous I put down my Redbook magazine for like 10 seconds to hold Anthony’s hand.

Anyways, back to the run. It’s really crisp outside. And pink. Apparently the vibrant pinks and purples of the sky are caused by the length of the sun’s light wavelengths during sunrise and sunset, the size of air molecules, the amount of pollution in the air, and cloud density. In the US, sunrises and sunsets are typically the most stunning in late fall and winter because air circulation is higher during these seasons than in the summer and spring. Unfortunately I am not a meteorologist but I am a Google-ologist and just summarized this article for your learning experience. 

Crisp and pink. No, not talking about an apple here! And not talking about any food, actually. I’m recovering from a 3+ day overdose on cookies, turkey, pie, and beer so am going to eat water and celery for the next three days. Actually that’s totally a joke! My mom sent me home with a giant bag of homemade sausage so let’s not kid ourselves here.

Homemade sausage? Yep, in addition to the heap of games we play, my family also finds time to make 45 pounds of sausage.

There’s no real segue from that discussion, so moving on… I really appreciate public seasonal décor. Since I’m not home that often and don’t have space or money for lots of decorations and lights, it’s nice to see them outside! This beauty is propped right on M street, in Georgetown. I am filled with the holiday spirit!


Georgetown is also lined with lots of expensive boutiques. I like to go shopping there around 6 a.m. because all of the stores are closed. Window shopping is extremely affordable!

I actually am on the hunt for a Christmas-y dress. Even though Anthony and I just hosted Friendsgiving II, my roommates and I are planning a holiday party in a couple weeks too!

But don’t worry, even though I love dresses and decorations, I think Mother Nature still steals the show when it comes to awe. I took a stroll on Teddy Roosevelt Island for some real peace and quiet after a very busy weekend.Looking forward to getting back in the groove this week!

  • Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?
  • Favorite type of apple?
  • Are you a window shopper, or do you have to buy something when you walk into a store?


  1. Ooh I love sunrise. It’s full of opportunity.My favourite apples are either Jazz or Pink Lady. Window shopping is best done online with my credit card safely locked away some place else 😉

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