big and baked

Greetings from the south! Nothing says big, bad suburbia like:We were super excited to tag along with my parents to Costco. Most of the items sold at Costco are larger than my entire apartment and cost roughly as much as a bottle of water in DC would.

Cheese?! So much?! So cheap?!

Since our Costco adventures, we’ve mostly been hanging out at Casa Doman. My mom recruited the team to help her bake today, but got a head start before we even arrived. First up was a classic Czech batch of nut rolls. This is my grandma’s secret recipe but it’s basically something like this.

These puppies appear to be very labor intensive (apparently, my grandpa would grind the walnuts by hand?!) but are a family classic.

Anthony and I are attempting to not to explode over the next few days so we went to the gym this morning.

Unfortunately since this photo was taken I’ve thrived mostly on cookie and pie batter. I’m aware raw eggs are risky, but what can I say, I live life on the wild side.

Actually, writing that made me curious if the whole raw egg thing is a myth. According to Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs, as long as your eggs are pasteurized (which basically all store-bought eggs are), it’s okay to eat ’em raw. The USDA, though, recommends against it. Also, raw eggs seem to be a big fad in the bodybuilding world. People actually eat them straight up, out of the shell. Um, no thank you.

And lastly, Americans ate 76.2 billion eggs in 2009.

Moving on to this masterpiece:

So far we’ve made seven pies and are working on our second batch of cookies. We’ve got a total of 25 people coming for Thanksgiving, so that equals something like 5 slices of pie and 5 cookies each, which is totally reasonable.

All this baked goodness would not have been possible with the team! 

Happy Thanksgiving eve to all!

  • What food(s) are you prepping the day before Thanksgiving?
  • Do you eat raw eggs?
  • Which is better: Sam’s or Costco?


  1. Hi Mary,
    My family is Czech as well and yes, the walnuts were ground by hand — well, in a hand grinder. They had these really nifty ones that would just attach to your table and you hand-cranked the grinder. I’ve been looking for one for eons but still haven’t found one I liked. It’s just not the same using a blender to grind walnuts.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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