free lamp works great

For a while there, even the air looked orange.

So much color bouncing around. (Hey, speaking of orange skies, here’s one of my favorite songs.)

A beautiful and (temporarily) final run in DC. Goodbye, massive hill that leads to the National Cathedral!

Goodbye, extremely domesticated deer!

Goodbye, street furniture.

On my run, I thought a lot about how lucky I am to have good health. I’m thankful for that.

Last night I spent some time with a long lost friend: my yoga mat. Poor guy hasn’t been unrolled in more than 2 months. I can’t say I’ve really missed yoga, but I have missed feeling (sort of) strong and flexible. Running is a wonderful workout but maybe not the most holistic one. And after my little bout with a hip injury that magically coincided with my yoga lapse, I’m picking up the Eastern art again. Thanks to a 20-class pass to Stroga.

First class at Stroga was good! No-frills, a relaxed atmosphere, normal teacher. No chanting. No laying on the mat doing nothing for like 15 minutes. No obnoxious people with intense lion’s breath. Perfect!

I randomly had a craving for ground beef the other day, so Anthony and I made tajitas. I just invented this word and it means tacos + fajitas. Did you know I’m fluent in Spanish?And now we’re off to Tennessee!

  • What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
  • Favorite song/singer/band?
  • Do you practice yoga?


  1. Love the lamp, haha. I enjoy that it says works great instead of just works. I only use GREAT working lamps 🙂 I don’t practice yoga but I think I will start because of my injury as well.

  2. Ricardo Bueno

    I want to do more trail runs like the one in that first picture of this post… Love, love, LOVE trail runs with a view like that!

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