friendsgiving II

Friendsgiving 2012 was a success!

We had about 15 people over to give thanks and eat lots and lots of food.

I wish you could have tasted everything, but instead I’ll just tempt you with photos.

I was in charge of cranberry sauce, green beans, and a salad. I hit up Allrecipes and Food Network for some easy fixins’: cranberry sauce and green beans. As for the salad, I went with cheese, pears, nuts, and pomegranate. Have you ever seeded a pomegranate? Wow.

Anthony took over turkey duty. We named our turkey Tewolde this year. Is it weird to name your turkey? Probs.

The food was beautiful — Kevin’s face says it all!

But the company was even better in my opinion.

As we ate, I made everyone go around the room and name something they were thankful for. Sort of cheesy, but sort of really, really, nice.

(I decided to become a brunette yesterday!)

After all the wine, turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, mac and cheese, cranberry sauce, philo wraps, feta-tzatziki-creations, apple bread, stuffing, and salad, we still found room for cupcakes, apple pie, ice cream, and pumpkin pie. And champagne. No problem.

In addition to my spur-of-the-moment hair makeover yesterday, Anthony had an impulse Christmas tree purchase. It really added the holiday touch!

Happy holidays from Mary and Anthony!



  1. Tina

    The food looks great, and so does the tree. Glad to see everyone is enjoying each other’s company which is what Thanksgiving is all about.

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