triple date

Thank you, Marc commuter train, for a quick trip to and fro Baltimore!
Yesterday I hopped on the train to go see Alanna. When I stepped of the train tracks I walked straight to her apartment where we partook in a tradition that has lasted more than five years: wine and cheese night.Last night was particularly special because our culinary adventure included especially smelly cheese, a side of sliced pears, pecan pie, and… headphones?

Anyways, it was great catching up with Alanna (who also goes by Lonnie). It’s funny how when we met, we talked about our high school friends and cute freshman boys; now, we talk about our employers and 401ks. Oh, but there’s still boy talk and plenty of laughter.

When we were in college we wanted a cat for our apartment, but our other roommate wouldn’t let us get one… so we bought the robotic cat that Alanna still keeps in Baltimore.

I also managed to sneak in a third girl date yesterday! After my run with Miriam I swung by for some quality coffee talk with Melanie.

Mel just got back from a whilwind trip to Azerbaijan. She’s your go-to girl for all things international development, human rights, and fashion. So glad to have her (briefly) back in town!And after my little northeastern train journey, I’m back in town too! What made the journey that much better? The fact that a Dunkin’ Donuts just opened outside Alanna’s apartment. That means, excellent coffee for the second day in a row. Happy Friday, people!

  • Best to-go coffee?
  • Can you handle smelly cheese?
  • Do you have a cat?
  • Do you ever get tired of reading about food all the time on this blog? Sorry!

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