We made it to the playoffs!Actually, everyone made it to the playoffs. There are only four teams in the league.

And we got FOURTH in the whole LEAGUE! An amazing final game for team Honey Boo Boo. We went 0 for 2, and scored a total of four points in our second game. I wouldn’t want it any  other way.

I’m sad basketball season is over, but glad I have Wednesday nights free for the next couple months. I plan on dedicating this newfound free time to baking cookies, drinking hot chocolate, and conducting mass online shopping. Is anyone else excited for Christmas?! I have been listening to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album nonstop all week.

I didn’t post yesterday because absolutely nothing happened between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. Oh wait, I take that back. Actually the most incredible competition ever occurred. Let the (boring) story begin!

So on Monday I saw this on my run: If you didn’t know, I’m in love with animal crackers (in addition to pho); especially the 365 Organic Animal Crackers, to be exact. Let’s just say it’s bad enough that Anthony bought me some as a birthday present. I saw an empty bag of them in the street and was heartbroken/completely inspired to go buy some myself.

So after work I went to Whole Foods to buy some, and then the worst thing happened: they were all out. So I made do by buying some 365 Teddy Grahams. Better something than nothing right?

THEN Tuesday night came and the news broke. Anthony had visited a different Whole Foods and guess what?

Now I have animal crackers out the wahzoo.We ate all of them at once and decided the 365 Organic Animal Crackers (not Animal Grahams) won, followed by the Grahams, and then followed by the Market Pantry crackers. And yes, completely coincidentally, that is also the order of fat grams per serving in these cookies, highest to lowest. Ha. (Plus a piece of chocolate in the middle, just to cleanse the palate between each tasting.)

If you actually bothered to read that entire story, send me your address and I will mail you a tub of animal crackers just for reading. But not the camels or elephants because those are my favorite.

In other news, I’ve ventured into the dark side of running. Last night I decided to be most efficient by running to and from my basketball game. Running downtown during rush hour can be very stop-go-stop-go. To combat this, I play a game called Pedestrian Sign Scramble. It goes like this: when you get a pedestrian go sign at a cross walk, you cross. When you don’t get a sign, turn right.

Sometimes you end up running in squares but I don’t mind. My game took me right by the White House. Looks like Obama is doing some yard work.Before I knew it, it was still dark, and 6 am. And Miriam was outside my doorstep! We did a hilly 4-5 miles around town.

I’ve added lots of artistic effects to this photo to distract you from our sweaty, sleepy smiles.
The best thing about super-early jogs? You feel like you get a full, secret day in while everyone else is sleeping.

Today’s a big, beautiful day. Gotta pack my bags for Charm City!

  • Are you a morning or evening exerciser?
  • Favorite animal cracker?
  • Last time you played basketball?


  1. I thought I was one of the only people who had a particular animal cracker that they thought was better than the rest! I personally love the 360 organic ones as well, but my heart belongs to Stauffers. Which sadly I’ve only been able to find in Blacksburg VA. I should really check amazon. It’s okay to order animal crackers online right? That’s not too odd? Congrats on the basketball season!

  2. Two things: first, I find it pretty funny that we both used the term “out the wahzoo” in our most resent posts. Although I spelled it with a hyphen. I am pretty sure we’re both right. Haha. Second, I totally understand the mission for graham crackers. I’ve been on my own wild goose chases for marshmallows – a very particular kind of marshmallow. I first discovered them on my study abroad adventure in 2009; I used to pick them almost every day at a little candy shop on my way home from class. And then I came home and hadn’t had them since. Until Daniel and I ventured to Spain on it honeymoon! I rediscovered them … But I totally should brought some home because, of course, they don’t make or sell them in the US. I did find some on (made in Spain and $20 per 2.2 lb bag) but they were out of stock! Must not be the only one that likes them. I signed up for an email notification when they become available, and in the meantime exhausted all other options before finally settling on Sweet Mallows brand marshmallows which I can only find at Walmart. Okay, so this comment is getting out of hand, but as a woman on a mission for a favorite treat, I know you can understand …

  3. I am a morning exercise person. I also like that it feels like a secret world.

    I have no idea what animal crackers are. We mustn’t have them here in Australia.

    Last time I played basketball was 20 years ago when I was 13. I loved the sport but was never terribly good at it. Sounds like you had a great season of basketball fun.

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