Last week I finished PRE.

It was a quick read, and interesting. I didn’t know much about Prefontaine before, so I found each page pretty informative. The book is pretty objective, and journalistic — at times, it can seem like endless paragraphs of sprint times and race places. Which can be a little mind-numbing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with track.

My favorite parts were the contributors’ personal memories of Pre, and the parts about his training philosophy and personal life. I also really enjoyed learning about the professional track and field world in the 1970s, and what it was like to be a “pro” runner at the time. Let’s just say Pre lived in a trailer and worked retail at the first Nike store to get by.

Oh, my other favorite part: looking at photos of runners in the 70s.

I’d recommend the book for any running geeks, especially if you’re into track. Since I dabble in a bit of track work, I could sort of relate to the discussion of short running; but oftentimes, I was a bit numbed by page after page of split-second splits. I’d also recommend the book for anyone from Oregon. The book delves into the culture of different neighborhoods in the state which was sort of fun to learn about.

And now, I’m on the Devil in the White City! Turning down a whole new aisle in the library.

In other news, on the menu this week is sweet potato-black bean-turkey chili. Those are basically all the ingredients in this simple-yet-exquisite recipe from Eating Well.Like review suggested, I added chicken stock instead of water; omitted the chipotle spice (which next time I might splurge on); and added ground turkey. And, obviously, CHEESE.

Bored at work? How about a thought-provoking article on these 10- and 12-year-old marathoners. Right? Wrong? Somewhere in the middle I think.

  • Best type of chili (white? veggie? beef?)
  • A pro athlete you admire?
  • Favorite 70s trend?


  1. Alanna

    I would like to know if this is how your marathons go:

    I don’t like any chili, but I haven’t had very much. I don’t and I think that’s pretty critical.

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