sights, snakes, soup, salsa, scones, and so on

Usually when I return to DC I run by the White House, but today I stepped outside and immediately realized it was the most naturally beautiful day of 2012. So I invented a route I call the “tree run.” What’s the science behind this perfectly crafted 5 miles, you ask?Thanks for asking. The formula goes like this: Run  by as many trees as possible. Stop frequently and enjoy nature.Even though this was a gorgeous start to Monday, I’m still a bit sad the weekend is over! Richmond was the bomb diggity. I don’t think people really use that phrase anymore but maybe I can bring it back. Along with “cool beans.”

After the race, Anthony, his parents, and I trekked around the city, shopped, and ate lots of good food. Just like good vacation-ers.

Anthony’s parents are entomologists. Entomology = the study of bugs. So they were pumped to see some of the science and nature Richmond had to offer! For example, we took them to PetCo, that huge pet store where they have a ton of fish and other animal-like stuff.

And we went to the Science Museum of Virginia! Anthony’s dad actually has a butterfly collection that is going on display in an Australian museum. Pretty cool.As for me, I am working on my Parseltongue, but wasn’t able to communicate with this snake effectively. Please, someone tell me that they understand what that sentence meant?

With so much learning, we needed to fuel our brains properly with lots of food. Examples:


In case you’re new to this blog, it’s no secret that Anthony and I love pho. We could eat it all day.And, lots of Mexican food. Australia doesn’t really have Mexican food, so Anthony’s parents make sure to get their fill when they come to the US! I am more than happy to help them out in this culinary quest.This meal was especially fun because we ate amongst Christmas lights, pinatas, and tacky glow up inflatable beer displays.

Since we were staying near a suburban shopping center, we also popped in to sample a number of suburban standbys, such as Panera Bread, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Red Robin, and more. Anthony’s parents are impressed with my deep knowledge of all things related to chain restaurants. I think I’ve eaten at every Applebee’s, Chikfila, Ruby Tuesday’s, etc. at one point in my life. Not to brag or anything.

In addition to being super fast, Anthony is also super smart. Mary, dear, can I buy you a cinnamon scone? Umm YES.

The highlight of the weekend, though, was probably watching Anthony and his dad get sucked into a 3D television on display at Best Buy.
So this is a glimpse into the future of mankind. I thought I was ahead of the curve by having a blog and owning a Kindle, but I am clearly living in the Stone Ages over here.

After a fun, short weekend, we drove home yesterday evening and for once didn’t get held up in DC traffic. Unfortunately the massive ice teas we drank meant numerous bathroom stops which meant our road trip still took longer than it should have. Haha.

  • Favorite fast food/chain restaurant?
  • Are the leaves turning red/brown in your city?
  • Best museum you’ve ever been to?


  1. I understood the Parseltongue sentence! Just wanted to tell you that I made that butternut squash lasagne you posted about a while back, and it was super delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe, it’s a keeper!

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  3. Brian

    Favorite fast food place is easily Chick Fil A. Their lemonade is killer. And the best museum I’ve been to is one in Berlin called the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, where they explained how people from East Berlin escaped to West Berlin during the Cold War. Awesome stuff.

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