my boyfriend is a cheetah

He did it!We’re in Richmond, and just finished cheering for Anthony! He ran his first half marathon. (Ironically, he’s decided to run his first half marathon a year after doing his first full marathon last year.)

Race start was cold.

I didn’t run the race this year (as the past 100 posts note, I’ve been injured) which meant I got to be a full-time cheerer/chaser. That means I got to take a power nap in the car for 30 minutes, and then run the race backwards until I ran into Anthony.

And there he came, between mile 10 and 11…

I joined him for support, but could only keep up with him until mile 12! He was flying. Absolutely killing it.

Finish time? 1:26! That is super fast. Super, super fast. Something like a 6:40 mile average over 13.1 miles.  To give you an idea how speedy Anthony is, remember that I ran a 1-mile dash in about 6:00. Does that mean he’s 13 times faster than me? Well, I wouldn’t go that far…

So proud! What a great race. I’m excited to run the full marathon next year. Seems like the Richmond race’s motto, “The friendliest marathon,” holds pretty true.

Of course, Anthony wouldn’t have done so well without a proper carb load. Last night we went to Deco for some pasta, bread, pasta, and pasta. (I actually got chicken, shhh.)

Deco was delicious, and the atmosphere was hip and intimate. I’d definitely go again! Even though we’re only 3 hours south of DC, the southern charm is kicking in already — every server, hostess, hotel clerk, and person we’ve met has been so pleasant. Except for a crazy man that we caught shoplifting in CVS as we were buying Gatorade last night, but that’s another story.

Moving on, post-race bliss has been in full swing. We just woke up for a nap, and are still on a bit of a sugar rush from this:

Lamplighter was another awesome find around town. Exploring the city has been awesome; speaking of which, it’s time to get out of my pajamas and go do more of that. Happy weekend!

  • Favorite baked good?
  • What’s your half marathon PR?
  • Any recommendations for things to do in Richmond?


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