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Happy Friday!Nothing like one more pitch-black jog to end off the week. Today I tackled the massive hill of the Woodley Park National Zoo. I think all of the animals were still asleep. And I sort of was too.

Let’s go straight to the food pictures, shall we? Last night Anthony’s parents and we went to Ray’s The Steaks, a DC/VA favorite. This place wins the CityPaper’s Best Steakhouse, oh, say… every year. Seriously, every year.

So, naturally, we ordered steak. I love Ray’s because it’s no-frills. The place is simply decorated, but not over-the-top. Even the website is really bare bones. Ray’s is really just about the food, and they’re so good at it that no one cares about whether or not there’s a running fountain, soft jazz, or romantic candlelight. Because once you take a bite of your food all of your other four senses fade, leaving just taste.

The food was especially good because we’d just made a chilly walk from another nearby event: the DC Road Runners happy hour!

We had an awesome turnout. Discussion revolved around running of course — a lot of talk about the cancelation of the NYC Marathon, and a lot of talk about the upcoming Richmond marathon and half marathon!

Speaking of which, I need to finish packing and hit the road for Richmond myself!

  • Do you cook steak (or red meat) often?
  • Best restaurant in your town?
  • Are you a member of a running group?

Ray’s the Steaks on UrbanSpoon: Ray's the Steaks on Urbanspoon



  1. Reading your posts always makes me want to be part of a running group! Maybe I will check out local options when I can run again. That steak looks great!

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