i <3 daton

Good morning, nation!

It’s cold, but at least it is light. Anthony met up with me for a 4ish mile run this morning. I actually don’t know how far we went, because I haven’t worn my garmin in weeks. I sort of intentionally let its battery die and haven’t recharged it. Right now I’m just running for fun and not worrying about speed or distance. After logging each mile on a spreadsheet all summer, it’s nice to do what I want! Oh marathon training. You made me crazy.

A couple years ago I bought a pair of Brooks Vapor Dry 2 running gloves (pictured above). They’re really not very good, unless you’re running in 40-50 degree temps (and even then, not great). Instead, I’d recommend purchasing 2 pairs of cheap-o fabric gloves at Walmart and doubling them up on cold days — far more effective and way more affordable!

Today I pulled one of my favorite tricks: the laundry run. It’s where you put your laundry in the wash on your way out the door, and then put it in the dryer when you’re back. By the time you’ve showered and had breakfast, you’ve almost unknowingly knocked out a chore in the meantime. Since I can’t accomplish anything past 6 pm, I typically do laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, and more… before 8 am.Then you can find me asleep by 10. Yes.

Except last night, because Anthony’s parents partied with us until late! Yesterday was the best day  in the world because I came home from work and was presented with a home-cooked meal upon arrival. What a luxury!Parents are the best. I wish mine would move here and live with me and my two roommates in my 1,000-square-foot apartment. I’m sure we could all fit?

Non-breaking news: nothing is broken in my hip. Yes, these are my bones. I feel like I just made leaps and bounds in the intimacy level of this blog.

The orthopedic surgeon I saw yesterday said my hip is not broken. Which is a good thing! The bad thing is that clearly I’ve strained, pulled, or torn a muscle somewhere… and we’ll never know for sure what it is unless I get an MRI. Which, if you didn’t know, costs about $1,000,000,000,000. Maybe if I see Obama today I’ll ask him to put a special “runner’s support plan” into the Obamacare? Until that goes into effect, I have to go old school and just stretch, rest, and wait. The latter two components of this recovery plan are extremely frustrating for me so we will see how it goes!

This morning I was reading Runner’s World and was presented with a pop-up ad for Fitness Singles. Yes, an online dating site made for single fit people.

Ladies, look out for Daton Ingnes… he’s on the prowl for anyone aged 30 to 120! Hot stuff.

I don’t know how I feel about this. I get it that people like to have things in common, but even though I love running, I don’t think it’s my #1 list item for a soulmate. It’s like… #2.

DC Road Runners happy hour tonight! If anyone in DC is reading this, you should come. Even if you’re not a club member! So many chicken fingers to eat.



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