hippity doo dah day

Look who came 10,000 miles to see us!Anthony’s parents are in town from Australia. They arrived in one piece, missing only one suitcase! (Which was eventually delivered.) It’s been really nice having them here — and this weekend, we’re off to Richmond to watch Anthony race! He’s doing the Richmond Half Marathon. This is my first time to watch him race (usually, I’m in the race with him!) which I think will be fun.

He is fueling properly this week with wine, burgers, and fries.No wait, actually this is a proper meal. The fries are baked sweet potatoes, and the burgers are made of black beans! I started making black beans burgers during a rare 4 months of my life where I was a vegetarian. The recipe I loosely follow is here — I don’t use chili sauce, usually add mushrooms, and just use a packet of taco seasoning for all the spices.

As for the wine, that is real actual wine. 🙂

I made another tried-and-true recipe last night: Award-Winning Chocolate Chip Cookies. These babies never let me down, and are so simple! I omitted walnuts (not because I don’t like them, but because I’m cheap) and they are still amazing.Best served in front of the TV, especially a TV filled with statistics and pie charts and colors and men spewing out projections in an extremely rushed manner. Did anyone watch the election last night (dumb question, of course everyone did)? Thoughts? I was amazed at the split-second coverage and endless projections and comparisons.

And not too surprised by the end result! Most people in DC are Obama supporters — so all I had been hearing about for the past months was that he had the win. Last night you could hear people screaming in the streets when it was announced! What a political town this is.

If election discussion is too controversial here are some runner kittens to make everyone friends again.

Today’s my appointment with the doctor! Going to figure out what’s up with my hippity-hip. Yes this is a real-life X-Ray laser technology photo of my leg.Have a good one!

  • What’s your tried-and-true recipe?
  • Did you watch the election coverage last night?
  • Have you ever been, or are you currently, or are you considering becoming…a vegetarian?


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