It’s 33 degrees out today. I had to leave the house for a run to celebrate the chilly temps. (Get it?)
I actually don’t like running in the cold, but since I got to sport leggings for the first time this season I was sort of excited. Plus, daylight savings = sunlight! (For now, at least).

I kept it short — stillllllllll resting — but DC didn’t let me down in terms of entertainment. Sadly I haven’t seen much street furniture lately; I think people move less come winter, so the couches and chairs might be running low for the next few months. Still, I spotted a suitcase and two unopened cans of beets, charitably left by these trash cans in Adams Morgan.I’m a huge fan of beets by the way. Anyone else? I never buy them, though, because they stain everything and are difficult to store. Clearly, someone else regretted purchasing them too. I feel sorry for them.

Last night I went all the way out to Virginia to meet up with the DC Road Runners official, top-notch, extremely important Board members. We meet bi-monthly to sort out all sorts of fun stuff for the club and its 600 members. Last night we went to American Tap House where I forked into pecan-crusted salmon. ‘Twas delicious.I feel like a nutritional queen for eating it, because sweet potatoes, salmon, and nuts are all listed on the Runner’s World Top 15 foods for runners list.

And, I rack up another few points with the Salad of the Week — which has mixed greens and eggs (also on the list), served with a side of bread (list item # 7). Boom.

I’m not sure where beer and birthday cake, fall though? Over the weekend Anthony and I dropped by Alex’s birthday bash to wish him a happy one! I’m so accustomed to seeing Alex dominate the basketball course that it was nice to see him and all my teammates while standing still, not sweating!
Happy birthday to both Alex and Miriam!

And, happy Election Day! The voters are already out!

  • Feelings on beets?
  • What foods from the list have you been eating lately?
  • What’s the temperature in your town today?


  1. I love beets! They are so yummy and versatile. I especially love them grated in chocolate cake. And being Australian, no burger is complete without a slice of beet.

    The temperature in my town today was 28’C (82’F). Summer is well and truly here but fortunately the humidity hasn’t set in yet

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