go ducks

My favorite season to run is summer, but this year autumn is coming in at a very very close second.
I am too aware that Sundays are not meant to be spent inside. So yesterday I went out for a cool 5 miles, and it was gorgeous. I think taking a few days off helped! I made sure to stay off my injury today, though, and headed to the dark, dank, sad gym in the basement of my apartment. To stay cheery, I wore this new shirt courtesy of Georgetown Running Company. My favorite local store was recently bought out by Finish Line. A good thing? A bad thing? The answer is a bit of both. It’s great that they get to keep their name and local feel, but sad that every time I shop there I now support The Man. But, The Man did give me this free tech tee, so I’m sort of happy. “Switch on Your Run” is one of the logos for the new website (which I think is owned by Finish Line, but it’s really unclear), www.Run.com.

This face says “It is really difficult to aim the camera lens perfectly at a mirror backwards at 6 am.”
It has been about 3 paragraphs and I haven’t mentioned food. What is wrong with me?!

Anthony and I are obsessed with pho, a Vietnamese soup. Since Anthony travels to Vietnam regularly, he’s got a keen taste for top-notch flavor. We stopped in Pho DC on Friday and dove into massive bowls of soupful wonder.  I was a big fan of this pho because it used all white meat, which is sort of unauthentic but healthier. The weird thing about Pho DC is that they play gangster rap music instead of Asian music. We asked our waitress — who was Korean — if she could put on some of her favorite local tunes, but she said she preferred PitBull instead. Fair enough.Apart from this cultural experience, we kept the evening super-American by heading to a pub to cheer like mad people. The great Daniela is an Oregon alumnus. Her friend Izzy is also an Oregon almnus. Yes, I just wrote those two sentences just so I could use the singular form of alumni. Twice.

If there are pom-poms and banners involved, you can count on me to be there. GOOOOO DUCKS!
Even with the extra hour of time that the world created over the weekend, I still feel like it blew by. I guess that means it was a good one.

  • What college team do you cheer for?
  • Favorite soup?
  • What’s the best running website you frequent? Give me links!


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