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If you can’t run, walk!Since I’m still not running due to my crippled hip, I explored the outdoors at a slower pace today. Better running than walking, but better walking than sitting, right?

It’s starting to get chilly in The District but the fall colors make the trip outdoors worth it. Come winter I’m not sure what I’ll do. Probably freeze and faceplant on ice patches like I usually do.By the way, I actually am going to see a doctor about my hip on Wednesday. Sandy cancelled my initial appointment which has further postponed any insight or real recovery thus far, but I’m going to stay positive. I made a smart (?) decision and officially deferred my entry to the Richmond Marathon next weekend. For those of you new to this blog, I randomly (stupidly?) registered for this marathon a day after completing a marathon in early October. Back-to-back racing didn’t work for me this season; not sure if I’ll try it again in the future!

Where you can find me in the future, though, is District of PiJust like last time, it didn’t disappoint. Anthony, Kristen, Will, and I headed there last night for some happy hour drinks + pizza. It doesn’t get better than that, does it? Will is actually beyond thrilled in this picture; it’s just that he’s too busy pondering which piece is the biggest and cheesiest. The answer is: all of them.Discussion topics included: politics, Sandy, the NYC marathon, Sandy, politics, daily deal companies, cable network boxes, and more. Will is a producer for a news station which means I never have to read the paper nor turn on CNN — I just ask him for an update on the world over a slice of pizza, and I’m set for the month.

But I did pick up the newspaper the other day to read this:I’m so heartbroken for everyone in New York — non-runners without electricity or homes, and runners who planned on running the race this weekend only to find out it was canceled, probably as they were on a plane or in a car on their way to New York. I guess we’ll never know if someone was going to break a 2-hour marathon this weekend, but there are many more races to come! That would be complete madness if it happens. Also, why can’t Adidas or Nike or Brooks make shorts that actually fit these guys? Look how baggy their shorts are!

I feel like this post is ending on a negative note, so here’s a delayed, yet delightful, picture of the Jello cups I FINALLY ended up making after a bit of logistical trouble.They’re supposed to be like candy corn, see?! Happy late Halloween!

  • Walking vs. running?
  • When do you think the 2-hour marathon will be crushed?
  • Are you going outside this weekend?


  1. I totally agree about better walking than running. I’ve been unable to run for 2 months and have been enjoying some walking in the interim. It’s been quite good because my partner walks most mornings so this gives us a chance to walk and talk together.

    I’m going outside this weekend. I spent yesterday traveling home from the Whitsunday Islands. Today (Sunday) I’m going into the city to pick up my bicycle, have a proverbial coffee with a friend and do some geocaching.

    I don’t often comment on your blog but love reading it.

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