Rabbit Rabbit! Thanks to Face I practice this tradition as regularly as I can remember. (In case you are unaware of this tradition find out more here.)

Does anyone remember Face? I just randomly remembered him the other day and it made me smile. Which is a good way to start off this post, since, to be completely honest, going more than a week without a quality run is starting to get me down. But, I’m going to stay positive! I’ve been doing lots of “cross-training” which mostly means ellipitcal-ing while listening to John Mayer, watching the news, and reading Pre. And Glamour.

Other cross-training includes intense basketball games with team Honey Boo Boo. I was so proud of us last night — we went 2 for 3! And I had a stroke of mad skillz to score THREE whole baskets. That is more than I scored in the entirety of last season.

Thoughts on Running

Since I can’t run due to a hip injury, I’m living vicariously through runners I read about. I’ll give more of a recap when I finish Pre, but it’s been a pretty good book so far. Yesterday a friend also passed along this article from The New York Times, which I found very interesting. It’s on one of the latest and greatest running debates: The Carb Load.

Looks like some scientists did a study on carbs and running. They took a class of marathoners and basically found that those who increased carbs the day before the race performed better than those who didn’t, especially when it came to “hitting the wall” (which is basically code for running out of energy). The study stressed that the positive effects of carbs are best reaped when: you significantly increase carbs the day before (not two days before, not the morning of) the race, and when you eat a lot of carbs the day before (a quarter-ounce of carbohydrates for every 2.2 pounds of body weight).


Speaking of carb loading, I’ve been practicing this week. Remember when I said Anthony and I were making 2 pounds of lasagna? Well it was actually closer to 15 pounds. We made TWO of these trays. All full of cheese, tomato-ey, squashy goodness. I used THIS recipe from Cooking Light. Definitely a winner.Also related to running, we opted for basic noodles rather than whole-wheat. Before a race, I try to stick to simpler (more processed and less fibrous) carbs because these carbs digest more easily. And when I’m not eating before a race, I still buy these noodles because they taste better than whole-wheat ones. Ha.

And if Face didn’t make you smile, here’s a Tumblr full of bad/awkward race photos. One of my favorites below:

  • Favorite Nickelodeon cartoon?
  • Carb loading: effective or not?
  • Link me to your ugliest race photo! Or just ugliest photo, period!


  1. Alanna

    rugrats. always. However, Hey Arnold and AHH Real Monsters are on netflix which is just a joy. I have no idea if carb loading is effective, but I do love pasta. I don’t have any ugly race photos, I’m far too photogenic. Justtt kidding I never ever save those because they are always terrible. Although here is the finish line photo from my tri.!i=2143165465&k=XtGWBWx

    Ms. Mary, I want to be faster for my zoo run! Any tips? I don’t quite understand what these track workouts you always speak of are. I could google it, but I get all of my running tips from minutespermile anyway, so why venture out now?

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  3. Pingback: beets « minutes per mile

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