Good news: DC is still afloat! The winds were whippin’ last night but my building has been standing since 1800 so no damage other than a flooded laundry room.I’m working from home for the second day straight. My bike doesn’t really work in the rain (read: still wheel rims do not brake when wet), and the Metro is shut down. There are more cars on the road this morning, but it is still eerily quiet outside. Apart from a bit of cabin fever, it was nice to eat breakfast at home for a change (I usually eat at work).

Speaking of cabin fever, yesterday I realized I had not moved from my bed for over 10 hours, so I got my butt on the treadmill. Given my injury I only planned to run a couple miles; but then I felt really good and went for 6. It was a “blur.” (Get it?)Today, though, the old hip is complaining so I really am going to take more than a couple days off. Sigh.

Since I’ve been cooped up, there’s not much to report from the 1,000 square feet of my apartment. Other than my roommates and I watched MOULIN ROUGE last night which is the best movie ever… but I will spare you a recap. Let’s focus on the pre-Sandy shenanigans Anthony and I got up to on Friday.

I had so much fun at Maple the other night that I asked Anthony to go with me again! It didn’t disappoint as usual. What I love about this place: you can get a nice seat and actually hold a conversation on a Friday night. I’m actually scared to promote Maple on my blog because I don’t want anyone to go there. Don’t go there. Unless you will split a bottle of half-off wine on Tuesday with me.

After this sophisticated wine-and-dine, we took a severe step down in terms of look and price, and a severe step… sideways in terms of atmosphere. We’ve always wanted to try El Rinconcito Deportivo which is truly hole-in-the wall. Anthony actually didn’t even know the name of the place because the sign is the size of my fist. The actual restaurant is the size of my shoe.We ended up talking to Juan, the man in the corner of this picture. He’s from El Salvador and moved here with his family. Then we ended up taking tequila shots with Juan.

The food was made to order and delicious.

To top off the best night ever, we stumbled into some street furniture. Anthony, looking so sleek!Looking forward to some below-70 mph-windage today! Best wishes to everyone in New York, New Jersey, and everywhere else that has been completey rocked.

  • Have you ever dumped furniture in the street?
  • If you were a piece of furniture, what would you be?
  • Which is better: quesadillas, burritos, or tacos? In my opinion these are all the same, just packaged differently.

Maple on UrbanSpoon: Maple on Urbanspoon

El Rinconcito on UrbanSpoon: El Rinconcito II Cafe on Urbanspoon


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