Sandy has arrived!The rain and wind is just starting to get heavy, and the streets are pretty empty. When the US Government closes and the metro system shuts down, there’s not much going on in DC.

I’m kind of enjoying the quiet time (as long as electricity lasts!) for now. I might get cabin fever later. Luckily we got a good dose of the outdoors yesterday. It was Sunday afternoon, and instead of doing chores Anthony and I decided to take a walk around Mt. Pleasant.

We grabbed coffee at Flying Fish, a coffee shop I’ve been wanting to try forever. It was a bit tiny inside, but the coffee was good and the people were friendly. Maybe we’ll come back again, though I am sadly addicted to my Starbucks rewards card.Then, we ran into Best World to peruse a crazy collection of Hispanic foods and random grocery items, such as massive tubs of MSG. Anthony and I are both weirdly interested in browsing grocery aisles.
And finally, we stumbled across an open house for a 1 bedroom selling in this quaint hood. We pretended like interested buyers and poked around closets, turned on faucets, and commented on artwork and woodwork.

It was just under 1 million dollars so I think I’ll buy it.

  • Do you own or rent your home?
  • Can someone enlighten me on why MSG is bad for you? What is it?
  • Has hurricane Sandy hit your neighborhood?


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