no run = mo’ fun

Do you like this high-end sweat towel? If so, you can find it at Hyatt, Port of Spain, in Trinidad. Anthony was so giddy about these gym towels that he “borrowed” one to give to me as a souvenir from his Caribbean travels! Exactly what I was hoping for.

Other than a couple sweaty gym sessions, I have been sadly off my feet for the past few days. But not really sadly, because I just recently discovered that when you aren’t running double-digit weekends, you have a lot more time to do fun stuff. See below.

First, not participating in the sporting events means you get to go cheer on others! Anthony has been playing in a touch rugby league on Saturday mornings, and I never get to watch because that’s when I meet the DC Road Runners for long runs. But this weekend I got the joy biking to the National mall, of sitting in the sun, and watching the teams battle. 

Touch rugby looks pretty fun. Maybe when basketball season is over, this can be my new sport to try.

And today I biked back down to the mall to watch more incredible athletes – Marine Corps Marathon runners! My running club set up a water stop around mile 20 to fuel on these speedsters.

Looks like the top male and female finishers came in at 2:20 and 2:42. Oh my goodness. That is a 5:21 and 6:11 pace which, if you are not a runner, equals really freaking fast. In addition to the top runners, thousands of other people poured their heart on the pavement and it was so inspiring to watch them. The marathon never ceases to amaze me.

Nor do donuts. With all my spirited cheering over the weekend, I needed to carb load properly. Scott and Sara hosted us last night to feast on homemade donuts. Also, did you know that “donut” and “doughnut” are both accepted spellings, according to Webster?
Nom nom nom. After our deep-fried fun, we headed to the Silver Spring Zombie Walk. This annual event features absolutely normal citizens who go crazy, dress like blood-thirsty zombies, and slug-walk down the street for a mile. We enjoyed the cool weather and nice streets of this part of town — which we never visit because it is outside a 2-mile radius of our neighborhood. Now that The Apocalypse is coming, who knows when I will ever leave my home EVER AGAIN.

Tones and I dressed like “farmers.” I liked dressing like twinsies, so I just ordered us 15 more matching shirts so we can look the same every day from now on. Anthony, do you like argyle? I hope so!
There’s lots more to report on this incredible reduced-running weekend, but I’ll have to share later because we just cooked 2 pounds of lasagna and it is calling my name. Yes, my lasagna speaks to me.

  • What did you/will you dress up as for Halloween?
  • Favorite sport to spectate?
  • Best donut flavor/glaze?


  1. Lol. I have MANY borrowed low-end sweat towels. I just walk out with them. Our current gym has bright orange towels. That somehow helps me remember to leave them there! My favorite sport to watch is baseball. But I’m not tooo crazy about watching any sports.

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