laps with the prez

This week hasn’t been the greatest for me, and I threw a couple of pity parties over trivial things like the fact that it looks like I can’t run a second marathon this month, that I spilled coffee, that my Jello creation didn’t turn out perfectly, or that the bus was running late. I mean, my life is just so hard: a great family, relationship, job, salary, city, friends, and good health… really, being deprived of a super-cute Jello cup is just not fair, right?

Whenever I have these incredibly selfish moments, I try to remember that there are people going through much worse. When I saw this yesterday, my heart broke for the sad soul that is undergoing such loss:But really, it’s true. I have absolutely nothing to complain about!

Which is why it was still awesome to run with Leah this morning, even though we kept it slow and short and my hip was like, “umm Mary stop please.” Obama came out and joined us for a few laps too. He’s a decent runner, but Michelle is faster.

I know Halloween is right around the corner, but you know what my favorite holiday is? Daylight savings!!! Morning joggers nation-wide secretly celebrate this short burst of increased morning light.It was still dark when we finished up.Leah and I had a great chat — like many people in DC, she is very passionate about her job. Did you know our incarceration system is extremely messed up? I could a 20-minute briefer that made me think, hmmm. If you want to fix how prisons work and help young people in them, you can learn more about it here.

On a lighter note, it’s FRIDAY! This weekend I plan to take it easy on the running front. My rigorous research this week has revealed that running on an injury does not, in fact, make it better. Surprisingly, it makes it worse. So, I plan on cheering on all my friends running the Marine Corps Marathon, sleeping in, and doing lots of walking. Preferably lots of walking like this guy.



  1. Diane

    Mary, you are allowed to throw yourself pity parties once in a while! Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m so glad to hear of all the positive things in your life and those are reason enough to make you smile. You are very fortunate, but also sad because your passion for running has been sidelined. You will get better soon and be able to continue doing the things you enjoy and I’m sure the folks who will be running will be excited to hear you cheering for them! You go girl!

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