bus to foot

I don’t understand how anyone could prefer treadmills.

I went out for an easy run this morning, and it was absolutely perfect outside. 62 degrees is officially the best temperature to run in. I saw Dimitri again! He is the friendliest cat in town.And then I saw another friend — Catherine! She was busting out lots of pull ups and other impressive CrossFit moves in the park. She was on her fifth set of 10 pull ups, oh my goodness. I stopped and did exactly 1.5 pull ups before completing exhausting all of my upper body strength.My hip is still hurting but feels a bit better after a day off. I stopped a few times to stretch it out during my run and have a bag of frozen vegetables on it as I type. Although these are very advanced techniques, I thought I would supplement my expert healing tactics with an actual appointment to see a physical therapist. It’s scheduled for next week. We’ll see.

Tuesdays can be bland, which is why last night my friend Jake and I decided to go to a wine bar!

Actually we intended to go to Menomale, a pizza place alllllllllll the way out in Northeast DC. To be frank, NE DC is not known for restaurants or general social activities. When you say you are going to NE, people’s eyes go wide. So I was really proud to venture to this undiscovered pizza heaven, but then we got there and realized it was closed. So we decided to make our night even more interesting by hopping on a local bus to Mt. Pleasant.After a long and dramatic bus ride through northeast, we eventually arrived safely back in Northwest and headed straight to Maple, a wine bar that opened in April. It was fantastic!

Maple had a lovely, low-key-yet-sophisticated type of atmosphere. Jake just finished his first marathon and we spent 90% of the time recapping his race mile by mile. So exciting!

I had a lovely salad topped with prosciutto, paired with a Sicilian wine I ordered in honor of Anthony. Who, speaking of which, comes home in a few hours! I can’t wait!

  • Favorite Italian food?
  • Best wine?
  • Can you do a pull up?


  1. Favourite italian food is pizza. Best wine is none because I’ve never got into wine 😦 [Sad face because wine always seems so sociable]. I can do about 3 pull ups. I can’t believe that lady can do 5 x 10 pull ups. That’s intense! Well done!.

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