This weekend I added a new word to my vocabulary : Tatchos.Served at Tonic, Tatchos are a blend of the two best bar foods on the planet: tater tots and nachos. Catherine and I met up to “watch the game” yesterday and dove right into these bad boys.Tatchos have a nutritional value of 0%, which is brought down to -15% when paired with Natty Boh. Definitely a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!For those visiting or living in DC, I would definitely recommend you visit Tonic in Mt. Pleasant. Tonic also has a location in Foggy Bottom, but the FGB spot definitely doesn’t have the same neighborhood-bar vibe that the Mt.Pleasant location does. As far as I know Foggy Bottom does not and never has gone by FGB but I just realized that DC does not have enough acronyms and thus invented another one.

Speaking of acronyms I went for a R this morning. It was gorgeously brisk outside. The type of chill where you can just see your breath for a split second before it’s gone. The type that makes your lungs feel… empowered.

I passed a number of trash men this morning which briefly made the air less crisp and more… smelly. But then I hit the trails for some real freshness!

Waking up to this gives you a calm for the rest of the day. I’m much more pleasant when I start my morning off as such, as compared to rolling out of bed and running to work. Then again, I know lots of people who need to end their days like this too. Whether it’s rise or set, I think a pretty view puts anyone at peace. Right?

Out of curiosity, I just looked up an article on the best views in DC. This article mentions about 8 spots — and I’m proud to say I’ve been to 7! It’s not fair that they listed one in Alexandria because let’s be honest, who goes to Alexandria? If I can’t ride my bike or run there it’s probably not happening. But actually the Mt.Vernon estate looks pretty awesome so maybe I’ll go there if feeling particularly historic.

  • Favorite bar food?
  • Ever been to the Mt.Vernon estate?
  • What was your workout today?


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