funky fun-kin

Best flavor of the season?

Pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin. I was so excited to go to Livingsocial’s Drunken Pumpkin tasting event on Friday with Melanie. Unfortunately my camera died so we have a collection of vintage-y, blurred phone camera images from the night.Featuring chefs from the new restaurant in town — Smoke & Barrel — the eve was a 2-hour learning experience covering everything about pumpkins, whiskey, and bourbon. To the tastes of a pumpkin Manhattan, pumpkin-rosemary soup, pumpkin risotto with slow-cooked pork, pumpkin ale, and pumpkin crème brûlée. “Crème brûlée” is one of my least favorite words to write because it has so many difficult punctuation marks. Since I have to write a lot about restaurants at work, I actually have to write this word at least twice a week.

But anyways, let me share some knowledge:

  • Pumpkin is a fruit.
  • Bourbon can only be made in the USA. Because we invented and defined bourbon as American-made, and NAFTA still upholds this definition!
  • When you’re looking to buy a pumpkin for cooking, you should buy one no bigger than 3 lbs.
  • Pumpkin seeds are super healthy. They have a ton of vitamins and antioxidants and have 10 g of protein in 1/4 cup.
  • Irish monks are credited with the invention of whiskey. When whiskey evaporated from barrels, they believed the process was angels taking a tax on their product.

After the event ended around 9:30, Melanie and I walked allllll the way home (about 2.5 miles) in the nice fall air. I made it home before 11 and was so excited to get adequate sleep before my long run on Saturday…

Except then I opened Gone Girl and read until 1 am. What a wild night!

I set out for 16 miles on Saturday, later than usual. But still nice.

I wasn’t in the mood for a ton of traffic lights, so I stuck to the Rock Creek Park and Mt. Vernon trails most of the time. Gorgeous!

I felt really good until about mile 13 when I started getting really hungry. And tired. Basically, I just wanted to stop running. To be frank, I’m getting sick of marathon training. I’m in a funk(in). My hip hurts. I want to sleep in and have toenails again.Ok, that’s all the complaining I’m going to do… because I’m so lucky to have good health and an awesome city to run in! So, I’m going to stay really positive for the next 3 weeks!!

  • Favorite fall flavor?
  • How do you overcome runner’s burnout?
  • Trails or streets?


  1. My favorite fall flavor is pumpkin but I also LOVE cinnamon (os that fall?). Hope your funk ends soon. It’s been a couple weeks since I have run due to injury, so I’m in a different kind of funk!

  2. That bourbon thing cracks me up — I had to read it to Kevin. I hadn’t been running as much lately, but my running vacation in Breckenridge has me raring to sign up for races! Haha.

    P.S. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been having problems scrolling on your blog lately. Weird, right?

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