Look what a friend loaned me!I’m super excited to read it. I’ve really wanted to watch the movie — and reading the book beforehand should be a great way to mini-obsess over the running legend that everyone else obsesses over.

Before I pick up Pre, though, I have to finish the highly addictive and super well-written book that’s captured my attention for the past two weeks: Gone GirlThis is one of those awesome stories that is a great story in itself, but also pokes around at deeper questions. You know, like, “what is love?” “what’s the meaning of life?” “who am I?” But really, it’s so good. I’m a really picky book reader so it takes a lot for me to actually completely like a book!

Luckily it’s Friday so we can all avoid thinking about the meaning of life for the weekend. It’s rainy today so I headed to my apartment gym to do one of my favorite workouts ever. It’s a combo of running AND other stuff! Best of both worlds! I actually ended up doing mile runs and combining two strength exercises just to make it simpler (ex: 1 mile, 25 squats and 25 sit ups, 1 mile, sumos, pushups). It was a great workout — thanks Corrie Anne for the WOD!

I didn’t post this picture to impress you with my fitness skillz, but instead wanted to show off the awesome post-its my friend got me for the office. Every time I make a list on these I can’t help but smile. I am also celebrating halloween early in this festive outfit.

I added in some extra squats to this workout. I’ve been thinking I need to boost the (minimal) strength training I do at present, in hopes it will help me possibly run faster and avoid injury come my second marathon in a few weeks. I was reading up in Competitor about the best strength exercises for runners — squats were #1! I think I’ll be sore tomorrow but hopefully it’s worth it! The article also suggests single-leg deadlifts, planks, and single-leg squats for running strength.

Speaking of competitor, I recently held a Soy Milk Throwdown. I live and work next to a Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, and Safeway…and somehow ended up with 3 cartons of soymilk at once. Given this rare opportunity, I decided to try them all side-by-side. The winner: Harris Teeter! It beat Whole Foods by a bit because it was slightly sweeter and also cheaper. The Safeway one was nasty, but then again, it is “light.” It tasted like water.


  • soymilk or regular milk?
  • who is your favorite pro athlete?
  • what are you reading right now?

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