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Good morning! Today is a day of rest. And since I’m not discussing running, naturally I will speak about food. This week we have yet another celebration at work. We celebrate just about everything. So I made a old favorite…MONKEY BREAD.

Wikipedia says that “The origin of the term ‘monkey bread’ is uncertain. Possible etymologies include that the bread resembles the monkey puzzle tree.”

Monkey Bread is a weekend/special occasion staple in the Doman household. I’ve always loved cinnamon, butter, and bread. Which basically sums up the entire recipe for this concoction. Of course you’d have to ask my mom for the real recipe. Though my sister recently asked my mom for the age-old-classic-traditional-best-kept-secret Doman poppyseed cake recipe, and was entirely let down when my mom told her the recipe is on the back label of the poppyseed can. After all these years?!

Speaking of monkeys… Where’s Waldo? I’m thinking of being Where’s Waldo for Halloween this year. The DC Road Runners are having a Halloween run on the 30th. I need a costume that’s cheap, kind of warm, and somewhat easy to move in. I’m also drawn to this Franzia man.


Waldo looks far more athletic than Franzia guy, but I’m not sold on either. Any other costume ideas? And also, where do you even buy a box of wine that big? That’s scary.

The run will be an easy four miles, which will fit nicely into my training schedule. I’ve got my next marathon coming up and, after a week of recovery, have decided on a loose training plan for the next three weeks. Thanks to Hal Higdon for a good article on back-to-back race training. This table measures long runs by time, not distance, but is a good general guide.

Sorry, back to food. I’m still on a bacon streak and have been crafting a breakfast-for-lunch sort of salad which centers around hardboiled eggs and bacon! Plus some more veggies and chicken…atop, of course, ARUGULA. If I could be a bunch of arugula for Halloween I would. It’s my favorite lettuce at present.

BREAKING NEWS: Turns out that DC just got a Nutella food truck. Yes, the upcoming elections have livened up our streets, but this is going to result in a complete uproar.

  • Do you have a family recipe?
  • Favorite mode of eating bacon?
  • Ever run two marathons or other races within a month of each other?

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