dónde está el presidente

I made it back to continental America, after all.I like to run by the White House when I’m reorienting myself in The District again. I used to run this route a lot more than I do now, but I still recognize a lot of the same runners and security guards that stick around the White House area during 6-7 am. Today I thought I would be extra friendly by striking up some small talk with one of the security guards I recognized.

As I stopped to take the picture I said something like, “Do you think Obama’s awake right now?” He didn’t really answer, so I completed the thought: “…you know, prepping for the debate tonight.” Just joking, you know.

Security man sort of smiled then, and gave some bland statement like: “Maybe.”

I tried one more time to be chummy by saying that I always look to see if maybe I’ll see the President in the windows when I run by in the morning. The security guard pointed out that Obama might not even be inside the White House at all. To which I said, you’re right. And then the security guard told me, with a completely straight face, that it was a bad idea to try to look in the White House windows. Not a good idea at all.

And at that point I nodded sweetly and ran away. I guess White House security is not up for chitchat about the President’s whereabouts? Shame.

Despite that unsuccessful encounter, I still enjoyed my short run through the city! The chill was a welcome neighbor after a few days of Latin humidity.

I’m still thinking about this, though:Yesterday Anthony and I lounged by the pool, floated on a raft, and played some lazy pool volleyball.

I can swim, but I’m by no means very good at it. A lot of my runner friends have ventured off into triathlon world, but I’ve really have no desire. I think I might be up for the biking bit, but swimming? SO difficult! Every time I’ve tried to swim laps in the past, I’ve been extremely out of breath and sore for days. Apparently marathon running endurance is useless under water.

This list of top 10 cross-training exercises for runners puts swimming at the bottom of the list, stating that swimming only results in a slight boost in your VO2max (capacity to transport and use oxygen), and isn’t so useful in terms of building relevant strength for distance running.

What came first? Weight training, cycling, cross country skiing, and basketball!! I’m so proud of myself for hitting the gym (on occasion), biking to work (a measly four miles, but hey!), and completely dominating the basketball court every Wednesday. As for cross country skiing, I don’t think I’ll be hitting the slopes of DC anytime soon. Ha.

  • Do you enjoy swimming?
  • Ever seen the White House?
  • Favorite poolside activity?


  1. Anna

    I hate swimming, don`t have a road bike but I think I`d enjoy that more (into spinning for starters). Might be because my swimming is ridiculous. I don`t get very sore but then again I`m only paddling around … one mile will take me for-e-ver.

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