I’m going to miss you, Puerto Rico! The hours are winding down until I step into a taxi, onto a plane, then on a bus, then on another train, and then walk half a mile to officially make it to my home in DC.

But instead of thinking about public transport, let’s focus on the footed routes Anthony and I trekked yesterday:
We strolled around Old San Juan yesterday afternoon. Really colorful, beautiful streets! I have about 10,000 photos but will try to bombard you with no more than 100. Plus, no rain! We had heard rumors of a tropical storm but I guess it held off. The humidity did result in a nice sweaty glow, but it was nothing compared to the 10 miles we ran on a treadmill inside the hotel’s mini gym before. Plus we were able to cool off and refuel with some refreshing bevvies. We met up with Anthony’s coworker for a drink, and then headed to another great restaurant for dinner — this time, Italian!We are also really proud that we managed to do something cultural besides eating and shopping. Look! We went to El Morro, this old fort that the Spanish built in like 1500. It’s quite breathtaking and a little spooky.Crazy how much history is packed between these walls! Of course we arrived 20  minutes before the place closed, so we basically had enough time to sprint around the steps and through tunnels, and then skim some of the informational signs. We’re totally history buffs.Anthony said the castle was his favorite part of San Juan. For me, it might have been the shopping…oops.

Old San Juan was really beautiful. Anthony and I had a really lovely couple of evenings there but decided we probably couldn’t actually live in this place. Too tiny! But then again, it might be worth it if I could wear Hawaiian shirts all year long and listen to this old man play the accordion next to the ocean.I’m sad to go home — and especially bummed that Anthony is not coming back with me! He’s actually got work to do here which is truly unfortunate. What a guy.


  • What’s your to-do list include when visiting a new city?
  • Treadmill or outside?
  • Beach or pool?


  1. AndrewGills

    My to do.list includes morning walks or runs to.explore the city and picnics in a park.

    Definitely outside.

    Am.a pool.swimmer bc am a little scared of both sharks and waves

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