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Greetings from San Juan, Puerto Rico!Anthony and I are having a good old time being tourists in this interesting unincorporated territory of the United States. We’re doing lots of typical tourist things like eating a lot, sleeping in, sipping sugary cocktails, wandering around, getting ripped off by taxi drivers, window shopping, and eating more. And, of course, running.I know it’s hard to take your eyes off my radiating shoes, but the point of this picture is to display my new shorts! Thanks to PuraVit Body, I got a box of awesome running goodies in the mail the other week, including this neat pair of Lululemon shorts. It appears as if these shorts are no longer available on the Lulu site, but they appear similar to the Hot Spell shorts.

PuraVit is a pretty cool idea if new workout gear gets you inspired to stay fit! Basically, you pay $40 a month — and then get a box of about 4 items shipped to you each week. You don’t have control over what they send you (surprise!!!) but you can tell them what type of workout gear you prefer, what colors and sizes you wear, and other basic details. The price is pretty impressive, too — with brands like Lululemon, Lorna Jane, and Tonic, you’re getting a good deal; and if you’re not super picky about what styles, colors, or fit you need for your wardrobe, the surprise box is sort of fun!

My only issue with the items I received in this promotional package was that the shorts and tank I got were a little out of season for October in DC. But luckily, they were great for the beach!

Oh, and my shirt? It’s a DC Road Runners tee. DMV = slang for “District/Maryland/Virginia.” Haha.

But back to the run. It was pretty humid, but nice. We did a slow four miles because we were basically inhaling 50% water, 50% hot air the entire time. I also tried to blame our poor pace on high altitude, but Anthony kindly reminded me that we are at 100% sea level. I think today we might stick to the treadmill because we are humidity weenies.

FOOD! When we landed we treated ourselves to a beachy bounty at the Ritz poolside bar. Yes we are staying at the Ritz, no big deal.We finally took showers and put on real clothes toward the end of the day to head into Old San Juan, the major restaurant/bar/shopping area. The tiny sidewalks and cobblestone streets made us feel like we were in Europe, except the Chili’s and TGI Friday’s were friendly reminders that we are still in Uh-mer-i-cuh. Love it.They even have a Ben & Jerry’s! Why not get an ice cream as big as your head? We’re on vacay!

We went to this really great Spanish tapas place called El Picoteo. It was awesome, because tapas-style dining means you can order everything you want and keep eating for many hours without ever feeling full. Eventually they had to roll us out of the restaurant after eating 10 lbs of jamón and queso. We also stopped by a wonderfully tacky sports bar for really cheap and tasty mojitos. We felt like locals, except then we got our a map and I started taking pictures of our drinks =  dead giveaway that we’re tourists. Today’s to-do list includes another run, lounging by the pool, purchasing more 2-for-1 margaritas, and shopping for matching Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs. Far too ambitious!



  1. Anna

    Nike has some similar shorts as well, I found them in the Yoga-wear section but use them for running as they are super comfortable and the waistband is very slimming.
    Totally off topic but your curls are gorgeous. I am currently suffering from a bad-hair period so I was wondering if you have any secrets?

    • mary @ minutespermile

      ah, thank you! i don’t have any huge hair secrets…i’ve tried a bunch of products, and none of them make my hair any curlier nor seem to have any real frizz-control powers. i use a curling iron to even out my curls and then use any hairspray to keep them in place. i also only comb my hair about 1x a week!
      thanks for the shorts tips — i usually don’t go for spandex, but they were surprisingly comfy!

      • Anna

        I might invest in a curling iron. I always thought it was ridiculous, but it would help – with second day hair too. Thank you 🙂

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