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It’s been a while since I saw some street furniture! Spotted this gem in an alley in Mt. Pleasant, a nearby neighborhood, this morning. Mt. Pleasant is a really neat place with lots of little shops and hispanic restaurants. I wasn’t planning on going running, but did a few easy miles because….

I got new shoes!!Another pair of Brooks Pure Connects. In a highlighter green shade, of course! This is the first time I’ve ever bought the same shoe twice in a row — but I just loved my last pair so much I had to sport another. I was sad to see old whiteys go, but they were looking pretty rough:Don’t worry, though — their life isn’t over. I donated them to charity, so I’m sure they’ll find their way to Kenya or some other high-altitude African country where the new wearer will probably run much faster in them than I ever did.

What I love about the Brooks Pure line: They’re light, narrow, well-ventilated, durable, and cute. It’s a pretty simple list of characteristics that are actually quite hard to find in shoes. My other favorite shoes in the past few years are Mizuno Wave Riders and Saucony Kinvaras. All sort of similar, but I think the Pure Connects win for me! Also, these shoes have really cool wavy shoe laces that don’t come untied as easily.

After my little run I did one of the first non-running workouts I’ve done in a super long time: A WOD (workout of the day) courtesy of Corrie Anne. Thank you!

If there’s anything runners are passionate about aside from shoes, it’d have to be bananas. Yesterday we threw a birthday party for my boss at work — naturally, it was banana-themed. I made some banana puddin’. So easy! Just buy two packs of jello, milk, cool whip, and animal crackers. Of course I didn’t have to buy the animal crackers because I have 4 lbs on hand at all times.

I thought it turned out pretty cute. Paired with banana-chocolate-walnut bread, banana-nut muffins, and ice cream, it was a delicious mid-day snack! Plus super healthy, because bananas have lots of potassium. So there.

Friday! Is anyone excited?! I’m shakin’ in my boots! Tomorrow we’re going to Puerto Rico! I haven’t packed!

  • What’s your favorite dessert?
  • If you were an animal, what would you be? (I would be a… camel!)
  • What running shoes are you sporting at present?


  1. Alanna

    I think my favorite dessert is key lime pie. Or apple pie. Most pies, really. I don’t think I’ve ever had banana pudding, but those animal crackers look like they’re enjoy a nice fluffy frolic!
    I’d be a monkey!
    I just got some new new balance kicks. I don’t remember what type, but they do have very bright soles, and I thoroughly enjoy them. You’re going to look like an Olympian out there with your neon green shoes, I couldn’t help but notice that trend during the London games!

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