second helpings

Running a marathon on Saturday was so much fun that I’m ready for another!

I’ve got 30 days to recover and re-train for the Anthem Richmond Marathon. Hoorah!

Anthony registered for the half marathon, and I know a few people from the DC Road Runners who will be at the start line. I just couldn’t say no.

This will be the first time I’ve run two marathons in the same season. If anyone has any training advice on how to handle two races, I’m all ears! I know it’s possible, and I’ve seen other runners do it, but I know I’ll have to be careful about over-training or getting injured. I’m still not really thinking about what sort of training plan I’ll come up with, but this article from Runner’s World seems to have some good guidance on running multiple races in one season.

But really, let’s talk about cheese and pie.

Yesterday Anthony and Kevin had the day off (along with a lot of government or other international organization employees) because it was Columbus day. Melanie and I sadly had to work. So it made perfect sense that the men would cook for us!

Anthony made some really tasty chicken that featured plenty of Swiss cheese. Which is of course why my brain could not remember to take a photo before it was all gone.And then? Pumpkin pie! It is officially fall, if not winter, here in DC. I’m not looking forward to the cold, but if that means more pie I guess I’ll be okay.It was a really great night. Post-marathon bliss is setting in, and I plan to bask in it for the rest of the week…..

Did I mention we’re going to Puerto Rico this weekend?!



  1. My advice is not to go too hard in your second race. I ran a 50km trail run and then a marathon a month apart and ended up injured; largely due to having done the second race too hard and fast.

    • mary @ minutespermile

      hmmmm….good advice. but i imagine that will be pretty hard for me to follow! i’d really like to goet closer to 3:30

      • AndrewGills

        It’s all a question of how your body holds up. Everyone’s different. But just remember, if running a 3:30 is going to result in injury then perhaps you are better off enjoying a 4:00 marathon and being able to continue running.

        It’s all just a matter of what your body can handle and what’s important to you.

        Personally, if I could have my 4:17 marathon again, I’d run it at 5:30 and still be able to run instead of being off my feet for 12 weeks and not realistically able to run another marathon until 2014.

        But you sound like you are fitter and stronger than me (it was my first marathon and I had to do a lot of walking). Am sure you’ll achieve your 3:30 goal 🙂

      • mary @ minutespermile

        ooooohhh the terror! well, let’s see how the old legs feel on race day. i don’t want to sideline myself, for sure!

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