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I don’t have a lot of great ideas, but one I’m proud of was purchasing a waterproof camera. My solid Sony kept me company on The Last Run Before I Run a Marathon run.
A slow and easy 4 miles to keep the legs in check. And one last sweeping view of my favorite park in DC.I know that this race is going to go super well. How so? Because team Honey Boo Boo is kicking butt on the basketball court. If this trend continues, I’ll definitely win first place in my marathon this weekend.On a side note, I’m very curious about sports fashion. Why is is that basketball players wear long shorts, runners wear short shorts, football players wear capris, and volleyball players wear spandex? As everyone knows I am obsessed with Nike Tempo shorts, so I will only and always wear those.

Today’s food for thought (since this is the first post I actually haven’t picture food on in a while..ha!) is about running and body weight. Yesterday I got an email from Active.com and thought this article was pretty interesting: Will I Run Faster if I Lose Weight? The answer is, according to this article, generally yes. Given that you’re still healthy and not restricting your caloric intake to a point where it’s harming your body (i.e., an eating disorder). One of the ways you can gauge your speedy potential is to calculate your VO2 max, which estimates your oxygen intake and blood-pumping levels. And a main part of the equation is your body mass. So, less mass, better efficiency. Kind of.

Coach Johnson also discusses your “training weight” vs. your “normal weight.” Some athletes try to weigh significantly less when they’re training or racing — bad idea. He recommends you maintain your “training weight” (whatever that may be) for the majority of the year, in order to decrease the likelihood of injury and fatigue during training.

I wish the article went more in-depth about the topic, though it was still a good thought-provoking discussion. From personal experience, I can say that my weight basically remains the same when I’m training, when I race, and when I’m not training. And I’m happy about that. Other women runners I know tend to gain weight while marathon training (increased muscle mass? Just super hungry? Post-long run beers?!), while it seems like men I know tend to lose weight when training (decreased muscle mass? mysterious manly DNA?)

One thing I liked about the article, though, is how he talks about keeping a healthy perspective on your weight and your life in general. If you’ve got weight to lose, lose it, but if you’re injury-free and happy where you are, don’t starve yourself to shave a minute off your time. Plus, a super-strict diet is yet another stress to add to your training-crazed life.

“Please, please be honest with yourself about where training weight, and potentially, race weight fit into your love of running. Most runners have enough to worry about between their jobs, families, getting in long runs and all of the ancillary work that goes into intelligent training.”

Oh wait, no pictures of food? Just kidding. Here’s a snapshot of my current love for the week:I’m convinced that Chobani 2% is 100x better than the 0%. And on that highly debated topic, I wish you a ponderous and wonderful Thursday!

  • Have you ever dropped weight during training? Intentionally? Unintentionally?
  • Favorite Greek yogurt?
  • What’s your favorite park/trail to run in?


  1. I really enjoy your blog! Best wishes for your marathon 🙂 I love to run on the Paint Branch Trail near the University of Maryland; no abandoned furniture, but enough trees and wildlife (students included) to keep me amused. Chobani 2% Pineapple is one of the best of their flavors; the apple 0% is excellent too. But I usually go for Fage 2% or Fage 0% and add fresh fruit and sometimes granola.

    • Oh, I just googled that trail — it looks cool! If I ever have a car or am ever in the area, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the yogurt enlightenment, I’ll also have to try the apple one. I generally steer away from cinnamon, chocolate, and coffee-flavored yogurts because they never quite live up to their titles — but if anyone could take it to the top, I bet it’d be Chobani. Thanks for reading!

  2. I have been thinking about weight and running lately. When I first started training, I lost weight but as my mileage has gone up, so has my appetite! I would like to lose a few more lbs (especially if it will make me faster), but I also want energy from food to run and get through the day. I really appreciate this post and the article!

  3. We are Fage lovers. I’m trying to drop a few, in part, to help with my running. But I’m in the boot camp so it’s really more like a fun challenge then an added stress. I could see where it could possibly be, but I’m not super competitive.

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