chicken fingers

Runners sure can party! From the hours of 6-8:30, of course. Then we all have to go home and go to be so we can wake up and run at 5 the next morning.

The DC Road Runners happy hour was a hit. Some shots below. Yes the photo in the bottom left is a Gu goodie bag. Best party favor ever!Our very sarcastic club President posed for a picture with me. I have to be nice to him because he has the club credit card…which means he pays for all the food I order at the event. For example, I ordered 200 chicken fingers last night, which explains the sheer joy plastered across my face.

Like I noted, we were all up bright and early this morning to keep fighting the good fight. I took a soggy 5-mile journey which started and ended on the same bridge. It was sort of cool to see the light change over 45 minutes. Things I think about when I run: Monet’s Rouen Cathedral series.Speaking of cathedrals, that’s actually where I ran today. Crazy. The National Cathedral is gorgeous, and unfortunately (fortunately?) for runners, it sits atop a massive hill. Which makes it even more painful (rewarding?).It’s Friday! Are you feeling bored at work? Unmotivated? Unproductive? If so, I would highly recommend killing time surfing the message boards at They are full of crazy runners who post random tips, gossip, and complete lies. Perfect for a Friday afternoon in my opinion.

  • What’s your favorite flavor Gu/running gel?
  • What time do you usually wake up to exercise?
  • What art movement is your favorite?


  1. 1. GU Peanut Butter flavor
    2. 4:50am so I have plenty of time to make it to work by 7:30am.
    3. My favorite movement is where you take anything velvet and burn it…..either that or pictures of sofa’s on the streets of DC!

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