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Team Honey Boo Boo came back with full force this season. We went 2 for 4 last night! That’s a big improvement from our losing streak in the spring.As for my performance, I am very proud to report that I shot the ball 3 times. I missed each one, of course, but that’s okay. Also, I forgot how tiring basketball can be. I was pretty out of breath after sprinting around the court! What the heck, I thought I was in shape because I’m running a marathon? Clearly not.

The sprinting continued this morning with an up-at-the-crack-track workout. It was pretty much pitch dark for the majority of the run.Luckily, I had two DC Road Runners to keep my company during the loops! Here’s an awfully blurry, dark, and poorly edited shot of Miriam and me:When the sun came out, Kenny posed for the camera too.Kenny, Miriam, and I are ALL running marathons on October 6th. Wish us luck!

After my 3 x 2000s (i.e., 5 laps around the track, 3 times, with one jogging lap in between), I headed home and bumped into two things. One, of course, was some vintage furniture tossed on the sidewalk. In addition to scoring this lovely orange sofa, circa 1962, you can also collect a bag of yard leaves! Lovely.And the other was a truly, completely, 100% barefoot runner. Did I stalk him for 3 blocks just to get a photo? Yes.Apart from the physical complications that could result from running barefoot on pavement, I’ve got to say I was more disturbed by how dirty and gross this guy’s feet probably are. I hope he soaks them in bleach and rubbing alcohol after each run, because really, the DC sidewalks are GROSS. I don’t even want to think about some of the stuff I’ve seen happen on the sidewalks (and we’re talking about things much worse than abandoned furniture, people).

But anyways, I still love my city, even though it’s full of crazy runners and crappy furniture. Ain’t nobody messing with DC.



  1. Hi! It’s so nice to read another DC blogger! I usually take my infrequent runs down to the mall – I can’t imagine anyone running barefoot anywhere in DC though. You have no idea what has been on those streets, and judging from some of the smells around where I am, its disgusting!

  2. LOL about your comments about barefoot guy. Physically, barefoot running on pavement is not that bad for you. I do it all the time when I run and if you shower after your can wash your feet. My feet stink less and are generally healthier when I live barefoot than when I wear shoes.
    It freaks people out when they see me running full barefoot but to me it’s totally natural. Just like for the dude in the photo.

      • Yeah. Best book I’ve ever read. Before Born to Run I couldn’t run at all. My legs hurt too much. Then I took off my shoes and within 4 months I had run my first ultra marathon, fully barefoot.

        I wear full barefoot when I run anything up to about 15km. Barefoot feels childish and free to me. It’s just horses for courses. Neither is better than the other … it’s just what works for you 🙂

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