Last night I headed to Buddha B for a bit of a stretch. After a big run on Sunday, I was feelin’ a little tight.The class was good, but not great. We spent a solid 5-10 minutes working on headstands, and I mean, who needs to do headstands? I would rather go for a bit of tree pose myself, but I guess you can’t have everything your way. Plus we did a fair amount of chanting which I think is sort of freaky.

Nonetheless, my quads and hips thanked me. Plus, going to a later class (8 pm to 9:30) was sort of nice — soothing, really. If I was more Zen I would practice yoga every night before bed because it’s so calming…

BUT I don’t think I actually really like yoga. I’ve been trying to like it for about a year and a half now, and it’s just not growing on me. This is my last week at Buddha B (I bought a LivingSocial deal for a two-month membership), and I’m not sure if my yoga career will come to a complete close after this.

My culinary career is really kicking off, though! I attempted to make the same chili Anthony did last week, and got pretty close. I am quite proud. Mine has more vegetables which makes it, admittedly, less tasty. And despite the fact that I dumped a gallon of cayenne in it, it just doesn’t bring the heat his does.But, let’s focus on the positive: It’s edible! It’s pretty good!

I feel lost writing this post because I didn’t step outside this morning at all — which, by the way, makes it very difficult to dress myself. Usually I have an insider’s tip on the weather for the day so I know whether to wear the cardigan, the short sleeves, the capris, or the pants. Climate guessing is extremely stressful. I should have been a weatherwoman.

But — BIG NEWS — basketball starts tonight!! Yes, the old team is coming back, fiercer than ever. Our team name? Honey Boo Boo.

If that doesn’t scream intimidation, I don’t know what does.

  • Do you like yoga? Why/why not?
  • Topic: Honey Boo Boo. Go.
  • Are you a morning exerciser or an evening one?
  • Which is better — white chicken chili? Beef chili? Vegetarian chili?


  1. FRD

    I love yoga, especially with some honey and sliced almonds. I like beef chili…shocking huh ? I have some little red peppers heat that I will provide next week when you get to Winchester for the big run….got a nice little bag of em for ya.

  2. I have tried yoga a few times over the past years. I can’t get into it. I tried it through two different gyms and also tried Bikram. I found Bikram way too unnatural (the whole disgustingly stinky hot sweaty room) and extreme. Other yogas just didn’t grow on me at all. I much prefer tai chi, which I have practiced on and off for about a decade. There’s nothing like standing breathing and moving slowly.

    Love the name of your basketball team. I played as a child and young teenager. It’s such a fun sport. But I’m not a team player so haven’t played as an adult.

    I am definitely a morning exerciser. But I also enjoy exercising outdoors on a clear night when the stars are shining above.

    I prefer vegetarian chili. I’m not a vego but there are just some things I prefer to eat without meat. And chili is one of them 🙂

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