iced and sour cream

I learned a lot over FitBloggin’, but the best thing I discovered? A new fro-yo establishment!!Melissa — yet another wonderful old college roommate — met up with me in Mt. Vernon at Tutti Frutti for a gallon of pumpkin spice /vanilla/cookie dough/granola deliciousness. As a froyo connoisseur, I would rank Tuttie Frutti as pretty good, though I found the subsistence a bit on the icier, rather than creamier, side. I think all of their yogurt is fat-free which could explain this phenomenon. We had an awesome time catching up. Even though I love DC, I do miss the good times in Baltimore!

Other than this little escape, most of Saturday was spent getting my learn on at FitBloggin’:

A bit of Zumba, taught by Sue. She can really shake it! I was amazed hearing her story about how Zumba changed her life. I don’t think Zumba is the workout for me, but I definitely had fun dancing around and mostly laughing. At myself.Then, I was off to learn more about social media, book deals, agents, freelancing, tweeting, pitching, the blogging economy, the blogging community, and a lot more. With so much information to soak in, there was no better way to finalize all of the new lessons than with a bunch of Mexican food. Some other bloggers and I headed to Blue Agave. Someone took a picture of all of us, but who knows if I’ll ever find it.

I got chicken fajitas in honor of Anthony. They were really tasty despite the fact that 25% of the plate was sour cream.And to sum up the Baltimore experience, here’s one last sunrise view from the harbor, also from Saturday:And now, it’s back to DC, back to Monday, back to real life! Thanks for an awesome weekend, bloggers!



  1. Anthony

    I am jealous of your frozen yogurt and Mexican/sour cream extravaganza, especially because I won’t be able to find either here in Nairobi.

  2. Mel

    How ironic/perfect that they had pumpkin froyo when we went! Reminds me of that one time we tried to make pumpkin parfaits. aaah good times in 405!

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