They don’t call it Charm City for nothin’.

I arrive in B-town last night and headed straight to Brewer’s Art to celebrate good times with Alanna and her roommate, Alex. They are 100% kind and are hosting me for 100% free for the weekend. Last weekend, Magnificent Meredith, and this weekend, another magnanimous misses?  Friends are what really matter most in life.

ps, if you ever go to The Greatest City in America, you have to go to Brewer’s. Yep, it is a cave where they brew their own beer and make excellent garlic fries served with a side of mayonaise.

What a perfect meal to start of a weekend of FitBloggin! How cool is it to go to a conference…….in running clothes.

The morning started off with a CrossFit workout hosted by Reebok. It was pretty thrilling to see people so pumped up about CrossFit, and also nice to learn about some basic beliefs behind the movement. We practiced a few moves before moving into the full-on sweat sesh…which lasted a total of 6 minutes. The hour-long event was more of a learning lesson than an actual workout, which was fine, just not expected.

Which gave me a perfect excuse to tromp around old Mobtown for a bit afterward. I already had my sneakers on, after all.A “box” is nice, but blue skies are better. In my opinion.Then, a shower and back to the conference to get some real learnin’ on. I joined hundreds of other bloggers to talk about the biz. I picked up some really great tips! Expect some changes to come to minutes per mile soon (ish)!

Since I lean more toward writing rather than photography or even fitness, I especially enjoyed the discussions on freelancing, book publishing, agents, and the industry as a whole. Any thoughts on e-books, anyone?

After all that, the brain cells needed a break. I joined some other bloggers for dinner at The Corner & Bistro Wine Bar for exactly what the name suggests. Except that we added burgers, too.

The best part about FitBloggin’, so far?

Connecting with people who like to do exactly what you like to do, too.And if you haven’t caught on by now: “Charm City”, “The Greatest City in America”, “Mobtown” = BALTIMORE.



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