funfetti for all

Standing on a dark, lonely corner in the wee hours of the morning? Sounds like a good idea.I awaited the usual company…and eventually, one showed up! Mercedes joined me for a nice run this cool morning. Miriam and Leah both bailed — if you two are reading this, then you are going to have to bake Mercedes and I two funfetti cakes each to make up for your absence. Or just make the batter because I’ll eat that too.

Even though we were missing our two sidekicks, Mercedes and I enjoyed a route through the Petworth neighborhood.I finished the run with a stroll through Adams Morgan, another nearby neighborhood in Northwest DC. They just finished a ton of sidewalk/road construction, and the sidewalks are finally big and smooth enough for a quality jog!I am getting excited about my trip to Baltimore tonight! I’m off to FitBloggin. In celebration I mixed a bunch of oats, granola, water, banana, raisins, and milk, and let them sit together all night. Best Soggy Breakfast Ever.The trick is to let the raisins soak up all the liquid until they get nice and fat.

Catch you in Charm City!



  1. I’ll try to find an article on it but we’ve been reading more and more about how bad it is to mix fruit with other types of food because of the difficulty in digestion. This is killing me because I LOVE blueberries in my oatmeal! Supposedly, the science is saying that you should eat fruit alone, not with other foods, because it’s take such a different set of enzymes to break it down it’s actually bad for the body when you mix it. Who knows?

    If I can find one of the articles I’ll post it for you.

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